Greenhouse Seeds Bubba Kush

Greenhouse Seeds Bubba Kush now release, Guaranteed to be the juiciest Kush ever. The genetics of Bubba Kush is Bubble Gum x Kush. The very popular Kush is a very highly sought after strain but hasn’t been readily available til now. Bubba Kush Effects from this strain are powerful and heavy. The high starts in the face and spreads rapidly towards the rest of the body. Greenhouse Bubba Kush puts in a hard days work with  body-numbing effects. Green house seeds Bubba Kush is an all around all-super star bud.

There’s a reason this herb is called Bubba Kush and not just Bubble gum and kush, this bud has everything, a awsome sweet smell, awsome taste,  large hairs and great color.
Bubba Kush catches your attention with long hairs and icy crystal coating. The leaves are also doused with frosty crystals, add to the  look of this prize fighter.

Green house Seeds Bubba Kush

Awards: HTCC 1996, first prize
Genetics: Bubble Gum, Kush
Effect: relaxing, narcotic, long lasting
Flowering indoor: 9 weeks
Flowering outdoor: Ripe at the end of October (Europe)
THC: Awaiting results…
CBD: Awaiting results…
CBG: Awaiting results…
Cannabis seeds per pack

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apothecary seeds cant wait to try these beans.

Nice to See Arjan and Derry still pushing the envelope!
Congrats for 1st and 2nd Place!
Got me the Super Lemon Haze already, So I’ll try their Bubba
As for barneys, I hope Attitude will carry the Vanilla Kush SOON!
I’ll stock up on the Violator Kush until then!
Kudo’s to ALL who entered the Cannabis Cup and here’s hoping Barneys takes it back next year!

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