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Paradise Seeds Promo is in full swing at the Attitude Seed Bank. We are GIVING AWAY…for Free…A three pack of Paradise PANDORA Seeds (with no silly pun about it being a box of wonders!!!) This strain has only just been released and it is proving to be a popular souvenir.

Paradise Pandora feminzed auto flower strain is no doubt currently the best automatic in the world. The automatic genes are preserved but other than that she is a real Indica variety along the lines of Afghani, Spoetnik and Sensi Star.

Pandora seeds is available with no extra chagre when you purchase ANY packs of PARADISE seeds (excluding pick and mix)

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I ordered from another site that kept my money but didn’t send my order. If I order from your site will you deliver to an address in the USA?

You need to check out the sensi star (if in stock) and grab those up WHILE they are in stock. Great breeding stock as well as amazing top shelf quality all on its own.

an amazing strain that needs to come back BIG soon.

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