20% Off All Paradise Autoflowering Strains

Paradise Seeds Auto Varieties 20% OFF

Paradise Seeds Auto Varieties 20% OFF


This month The Attitude Seedbank are running super cool promotion with the Dutch Cannabis veterans, Paradise Seeds. There will be a massive 20% discount on every Autoflowering strain in their catalogue which will be available on the Attitude Seedbank website. Paradise Seeds have decades of experience growing cannabis seeds and through thorough testing and breeding programmes, they have gained themselves the notoriety and credentials they deserve. Earlier this year, they have took their strains to the next level by relasing two high CDB strains and all their seeds are qualified for medicinal use, which is great news for the Medical Marijuana Community.

This exclusive promotion kicks off on Friday 4th July and will run unitl Monday 4th August. The strains that will be part of the 20% promotion are:


Auto Acid is Paradise Seeds automatic flowering Diesel hybrid created by selecting and back crossing over several generations. The result is a vigorous plant that stretches a little and  she seems to get taller than most auto flowering varieties s0 be aware if you do not have height space.

Auto Collection #1

This amazing mixed pack contains 3 mindblowing feminized autoflowering varieties with 2 seeds per variety in a small container, in total 6 seeds These are as follows:

.2 Auto Wappa, 2 Auto Whiteberry, 2 Vertigo

Auto Collection #2

Auto collection #2 contains 3 mindblowing feminized autoflowering varieties in one collection pack. 2 seeds per variety in a small container, in total 6 seeds.


Jack autoflowering has got best of both worlds as the

Sativa dominant Jack Herer mother is a tall statured and sweet flavoured strain with a long and creeping high. This is crossed with the strong and fast flowering White Widow father to obtain a balanced hybrid in its autoflowering form.

AUTO Wappa

Auto Wappa is an easy to grow plant with the characteristics of her predecessor, very similar to the original Wappa. Paradise Seeds take pride in having achieved Wappa auto flowering. This variety produces impressively formed, compact flowers. The resinous and sweet flavoured buds are growing with a slight distance between them and have a low leaf to flower ratio. She could well become your favourite plant in the garden.

AUTO Whiteberry

This is the 4th generation auto flowering Whiteberry and she has been back crossed until the desired traits from the original mother (White Berry) are distinctly present within the auto flowering version. This beauty has inherited the flavour and purple colours as well as the resinous densely formed buds from her mother.

Automaria II

The Automaria II has buds that are rich with fragrance and slick with resin. This strain is responsible for a complete head-rush  with a nice harmonic body relaxing  effect. She grows highly vigorous to support the weight of spiral shaped flowers.


Vertigo originates from a fine Indica/Sativa hybrid, which is chosen for its splendid characteristics, its fruity intense flavor, and fast to finish growth.  3 generations of breeding resulted in stable uniform plants. The flowers are coated in resin and as potent as autoflowering strains can get. The Autoflowering potential has only been discovered a few years ago, but until now had not been developed to its full.


Pandora is a medium sized plant, approximately 90 cm indoors to 1.20 tall outdoors. The plants will yield a firm amount of long sized compact buds, topped with a big layer of frosty resin. The leaf to calyx ratio is ideal for quick manicuring. The overall effect is powerful and long lasting. Pandora finishes within 65 days from seed to harvest, with an impressive yield, up to 100 grams per plant. This variety is possibly the best choice when you want to harvest early and in Mediterranean areas even have multiple harvests per season. A must have in every garden, balcony or even in the window. Our Pandora, named after the Greek goddess, embodies the feminized perfection among the automatic blossoming strains.

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Please Note: The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Seeds sold by The Attitude may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so.
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