September 2016

Seed storage tips


Tips for Seed Storage We often have a lot of questions regarding this, since we are a UK based company and because the law prohibits us from selling these for any...

Severe weather warnings


USPS Service Updates: Please be aware that due to severe weather, some orders sent out between 10th September and 21st September have been delayed around part...

New cannabinoid – cbc


CBC – The New Kid on the Block. First it was all about the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) then people started to research and discover the medicinal properties ...

How high? stoner music


Cannabis Songs I was just signing along to the radio the other day when I realised the song I was Singing along to was in fact, an ode to cannabis (I can’t even r...


Attitude september promo


The Attitude Seedbank September Promotion is upon us!!! Heck Yes! Summer is slowing fading out and we are going to welcome autumn with open arms and a hefty givea...