30% off selected 10 packs, only at the Attitude Seedbank


30% off selected 10 packs, only at the Attitude Seedbank

The Attitude Seedbank have decided to slash 30% off selected 10 packs from three of our top breeders.

This offer will only be for one day and finishes 4pm October 9th (UKGMT) or unless sold out.


Barney’s Farm
Red Diesel fem 10
Night Shade fem 10
Red Cherry Berry fem 10

Dinafem Seeds
Critical+ fem 10
Dinamex fem 10
White Cheese fem 10

Gage Green
5k Puff reg 10
Shadowdancer reg 10
Sugar Town Express reg 10


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PLEASE READ We sell our seeds for souvenir purposes only and for storage in-case the laws change. We at ‘The Attitude’ are here to help, but we have our restrictions. We can not, and will not discuss germination/yields/THC levels (etc.) of seeds, as it is ILLEGAL to germinate seeds in the United Kingdom and we cannot be seen to be promoting this. Unfortunately, E-mails may be ignored and remain unanswered if questions relate to the above and you may be refused a sale should you persist in requesting further information

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