420 Promotion!

420 Promo

The 420 Promotion is back this year with a bang! For those of you who are not familar with 420 it’s also known as Cannabis Day, it falls on 20th April each year it’s a special day for celebrating cannabis. This famous date originated in 1971 when a collective group of young Californian people begain using this term in regards to their plan to search for an adandoned cannabis crop, they met at 4:20 pm, of which the name 420 originated from. With origins in the USA the love for this date spread worldwide even celebrites for example Rhianna, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill members celebrate this particular event. 42o is a chance for everyone in the community to unite in their love and passion for Cannabis.

This year at The Attitude Seedbank we are kicking our celebrations off on the 16th April at 9 am until the 20th April at 4 pm UK Time. The 2015 420 giveaway is a mix of some of the most popular and beautiful strains you can get, all you have to do to receive this smokin’ hot giveaway is to spend £40 to get…


1x Feminized Louis XIII OG by Cali Connection. This highly powerful resinous strain has been created by crossing Louis XIII OG Kush clone with Tahoe OG Kush. You will need to ensure staking towards the later part of the flowering period to ensure your plants do not topple from the weight of this strain, as it grows to an exceptionally bushy state!









1x Feminized Sour Kosher by DNA GeneticsSour-Kosher-DNA-Genetics, this Sativa dominant strain was created by mixing a legendary piece called “AJ” cut off the Sour Diesel and then blended with DNA Genetics’ Mutilple Cup Winner Kosher Kush. Sour Kosher seeds take up to 9 to 9.5 weeks to fully blossom and flower, of which produces an expectionally good yield with flowers oozing in resin that give off an incredibly amazing aroma complete with a mouthwatering taste!









Bubbas Gift

1x Feminized Bubba’s Gift by Humboldt Seed Organization, this pure Indica gift is a newly added strain to the Huboldt Seed’s collection. She was created by crossing the Pre-98 Bubba Kush with God’s Gift, her parents have given her the advantage of a short flowering time of which takes up to 48 days. The large dense purple colas give off an aroma similar to pina coladas with heavy undertones of spicy tropical fruit. Bubba’s Gift has a strong yet functional cerebral effects with a relaxing high, these qualities are what make this strain a unique novelty gift!








Fifth Element

1x Feminized Fifth Element by Elemental Seeds, the Elemental breeders used BlackBerry with All Spark OG together to create this magnificent beauty. The results of her genetics has given her a remarkably quick flowering time of 55 to 60 days and has also given her the advantage and a tremedously high yield. This plant has an amzingly strong and powerful taste with a high thats stong and cerebal.










If that wasn’t enough for you we will also be giving you not 1 but 2x Regular Tangie by Reserva Privada, this unique strain is a highly valuble one, as it has participated in 10 contests within 8 months and has won them all! The Tangie produces very resinous flowers with an unbelievebly alluring aroma of citrusy tangerines. Her genetics stem from Cali-o X Skunk Hybrid, of which have given her the advantage of a remarkably tall growth, so be very aware of your space when she is growing! She has been around for many years, orginally she was created in 1995 however for many years she was hidden until DNA Genetic’s goof friend Crockett Family Farms Seeds presented her to the world! A truly magnificent strain that is a must have to any collection!









So what are you waiting for? Get your goodies today from The Attitude Seedbank and celebrate in style!

If thats not enough for you we also have exclusive 420 Promotions to celebrate this amazing day even more!

A New brand that has recently been welcomed warmly to The Attitude Seedbank are included in the special offers avaliable to you in this celebration, whom are called House of the Great Gardener Seeds. Their aim is to provide seeds of strains that are the best for you. When you purchase any of their packs from us you will recive 3 Regular seeds Of the amazing Haoma strain.

Hortilab Seeds are committed to providing the finest quality new school cannabis seed genetics to people in Europe and around the world. They certianly have kept up their brilliant high quality standards with this tremendous offer of if you buy any pack of Hortilab Seeds you will get 5 Regular Seeds Of Sour Amnesia Free!

DNA Genetics have certainly out done themselves with this terrific promotion, as it’s not only one brand you have to buy a pack from to receive this special offer, but you can buy any pack from four of the selected brands! So you have more freedom with this offer, when you purchase any pack from DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, Crockett Family Farms Seeds Or Grow Your Own By DNA get free 2 Feminized seeds of DJ’s Gold.

The great people from Short Stuff Seeds are running a good promotion with us – purchase any pack from their range and you will get free 3 Feminized seeds of their Short Mix Pack! Their terrific breeders have all been working with seed genetics since the 1990’s and have certainly worked hard to give you unique strains.

Through our global network of friends, Rare Dankness Seeds have been able to work with some of the most sought after and highly coveted genetics. Their collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represents the finest specimens of Cannabis strains in the world. With every pack of seeds purchased from the Rare Dankness range you will receive 3 Regular seeds of Cornbread and 2 Regular seeds of Scott’s OG Free!

Another New Brand that have recently joined our family collection are Genofarms Seeds they have more than 15 years of breeding experience. They use only the purest strains, which are well-structured with coloured polychromos. They are offering you the chance to get free Purple Haze Auto seeds when you purchase any pack from their range. If you buy a Feminized pack of 3 you will get 1 free seed and if you buy a Feminized 5 pack you will get 2 free seeds!

Professor P and the Dynasty Seeds team have been been providing fantastic medical marijuana strains (MMJ) for the last 15 years. Continuing and refining their work they look forward to introducing you some new genetics in a near future. With every puchase of Dynasty Seeds Packs you will get 3 Regular seeds of Carmel Haze, of which produces amazingly high quality buds.

Born at a time when almost everything in Amsterdam was a mix of Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva in various proportions, T.H. Seeds has worked long and hard to bring new stable varieties onto the market and have won many High Times Cannabis Cups over the years. They now bring you this terrific offer of if you buy any T.H. Seeds Pack of 5 you will get 2 Feminized Seeds of the award winning Original Bubblegum strain, or if you buy a 10 pack from their range you will get 4 Feminized seeds of this special strain.

After over 25 years of growing experience CH9 Female Seeds has mastered the process of developing quality female cannabis plants. With their last crosses, they have produced some female pollen and have pollinated other varieties to create some original crosses. When you purchase any pack from their collection on The Attitude Seedbank Website you will get free Feminized seeds of HPG13 x Vintage 2006, when you buy a 5 pack you will get 1 free seed and when you buy a 10 pack you will get 3 free seeds.

The breeders from Elemental Seeds have been creating cannabis strains for some of the most awarded breeders on earth for several years. They then decided to gift the world with a wide range of superior genetics under their very own label– Elemental Seeds. They will be offering you the chance to receive 5 Regular Seeds of Huckle Berry when you buy any pack from their range.

Although this promo already sounds insane, it is not all we have to offer! Get ready for a day full of dank surprises!

Please see the Attitude Seedbank website and sign up for the newsletter for more details, to see all of the promotions we are offering!


Happy 420!

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You should change the description of CFF being DNA’s goof friend. Just sayin


Hey, great promotion! I’ve kept checking and checking since last year and, very nice job! I’m trying to check out and pay with Bitcoin, I’m assuming the Bitcoin promo seeds will also be honored. HAPPY 4:20 it will be, if I can get the 10% off to go through along with the other goodies. That will make for my best 4:20 ever! Thanks friends!!!

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