420 Highways

420HighWays  are a medicinal marijuana dispensary that provides quality, consistent, safe and affordable medincinal Marijuana to Colorado Medical Marijuana card holders, patients and professionals. These guys can assist you during your application process and even recommend a physician in some circumstances. They have a good privacy policy and you do not have to change your caregiver staus.

If you are currently a registered patient or caregiver take some valid ID, Colorado Medical Marijuana card and/or copy of completed registry forms. Anyone without the correct documentation and ID will not be allowed in. This is great becuase it means you as the patient will feel more secure knowing that they do not juust let ‘anyone’ in.

They are located at 2801 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs CO 80452 (take first exit off I70 after frist tunnel, they are in the old King’s Durby Restaurant.)

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