Ace Seeds Double Thai Reg Seeds

ACE Seeds Double Thai is a F1 hybrid that combines the best Thai Sativas ACE seeds have ever worked with. The mother of this strain is a is a first generation Thai from the beautiful Koh Chang Island.  The father comes from the latest highland Meao Thai selections (the strongest and most powerful Thai around at the moment). Double Thai is an excellent choice to experience the effect and taste of the best original Thais, with all the classic Thai traits emphasized by the hybrid vigour.  Double Thai is a very bushy and branchy sativa.  It’s cannabis seeds take 16-20 weeks to flower and it can be harvested outdoors at the end of December in tropical and subtropical climates.

Double Thai’s flavour is spicy and woody and gives a clean and euphoric high along with its potent flavour.

Available at the Attitude Seed Bank in packs of 10 regular cannabis seeds.


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