Alphakronik Seeds are sending across some amazing new strains for the medicinal Cannabis Industry and the Attitude Seedbank are proud to offer these amazing souvenir seeds in our online shop. The brand new  “Sin City Kush Line” is sure to become a best seller so keep your eyes peeled on the site as we await the new stock to be implemented. We have two strains to show you from the “Sin City Kush Line

Hybrid Name: The Dawgfather

Lineage: Chemdawg D x Sin City Kush

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks

Indica/Sativa %: 40/60

Availability: Regular Production

Description: The Dawgfather by Alphakronik Genes is a hybrid that was bred to balance the mind-numbing cerebral high from the Chemdawg D with the pain killing effects of the Sin City Kush. The result is an amalgamation of the best traits of both. The flavors come from both families, with the initial flavors being skunk, fuel, and earthiness that finish with musk, coffee, and leather. The smoke is a bit spicier with this cross than others, leaving a slight tingling on the tongue. This hybrid grows longer, more pine-cone shaped flowers, with most phenotypes showing normal internode spacing.
Testing has shown that The Dawgfather helps relieve the symptoms of pain, nausesa, Crohn’s, insomnia, anxiety.
The more Chemdawg dominant phenotypes need to be tied up and or staked to promote good growth.

Hybrid Name: Sin City Kush 2 (LIMITED EDITION 2012)

Lineage: Sin City Kush (Skittleskunk pheno) x Sin City Kush

Flowering time:  8 weeks

Release Date:  8-25-12

Availability: Limited Edition 2012 Release

Description:  The customers demanded it, so here it is, Sin City Kush 2.  This cross is an extremely limited edition that is only available through the Attitude Seedbank.  AKG popped over 250 seeds and pollenated one plant, what they call the “Skittleskunk” phenotype.  It wasn’t the tallest or beefiest, but held the best flavor, most potency, and looked as if it had been rolled in diamond powder.  Offered one time only, these will be gone extremely fast.  Having extremely fruity tones with Afghani structure and flowering times makes Sin City Kush very easy to grow.  Expect flavors from Fruit, and skunk to “kushy tones” and lighter citrus tastes.

Good late day to evening smoke.  It has a bit higher CBD content in this cross than the previous Sin City Kush, and really relaxes the face and eye muscles.  It works very good for spasms, intestinal pain, colitis, and chronic pain.  May also help with sleeplessness and anxiety.

We recommend early supercropping and/or training of this plant to create as many arms as possible, and let those stretch.  They will produce a good yield of extrememly sweet and sticky buds.  This is a very easy plant to grow, and seems to respond well to higher levels of nutes that other plants.



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