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Alphakronik Seeds

Cheddarhead, Snowdizzle and Qwad Dawg are the latest strains to be released from AlphaKronik Seeds to be purchased directly from The Attitude Seedbank.

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Alphakronik Genes Seeds Cheddarhead

Cheddarhead is teh next step in our “cheddar” lineup, following the success of Cheddarwurst 1&2. that is a mix of super fruity flavours, intense trichome production, with a marked increase in yield over the Exodus Cheese mom. Exodus Cheese is a phenotype of Skunk that was found in the UK in 1988.

It is world famous for both its wonderful narcotic effect as well as it’s classic blueberries and cream cheese favour. The Cheddarheads’ flavours range from blueberries and grape to skittles and cotton candy. This is teh cross for growers looking for our fruitiest tasting hybrid, with a shorter flowering time. It is very receptive to training and SOG/SCROG, mold and mildew resistant and very hearty grower.

It has been reported to us that this hybrid works well for smoking just after getting off of work. While it may be sativa dominant, it seems to disable your will from wanting to complete many tasks. You still feel active and lively, but accomplishing much will probably be out of teh question for a few hours. The smoke is super sweet flavoured, and the flowers hold a medium bud density level, making it easy to break off a bract for consumption.

We recommend early supercropping and training of teh arms, as some of the more Cheese dominant phenotypes tend to be a bit bushier in structure, whereas the more Snowdawg dominant phenotypes are more Christmas tree like in their build.  This plant will require tying, as the buds do again enough weight to hangg down. It is also has a very heavy aroma, will stink out just  about anything in a garden. Air purification highly recommended.

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Alphakronik Genes Seeds Snowdizzle

AlphaKronik Genes Seeds Snowdizzle is the 3rd Pre-98 Bubba Kush Hyrbrid to be released by them. Snowdizzle, much like Bubba Love features the classic Pre-98 Bubba Kush structure and flavours, but with a sweeter and more delicate, palette pleasing flavour.

Golf Ball sized lowers and thinck, elongated colas are the trademark growth trait of the Snowdizzle. The flavours are very ‘kushy’ in nature with coffee, lemon, and even strawberry being found wirthin certain phenotypes. Yeild is medium on this hybrid, as kush plants aren’t known for the biggest yeilds, but they doi carry extra potency to make up for it.

Snowdizzle has been tested and found to be helpful in finding relief for nausea, generalized pain, insomnia, migraine and IBS / Crohns disease.

This plant likes to grow tall with thick but brittle steams and stalks. Topping and trying are highly recommended with this cross to increase yeild and for overall plant health.

Pruning of lower branches and fan leaf will help with light penetration, as this plant carries very large and wide leaves.


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Alphakronik Genes Seeds Qwad Dawg

Alphakronik Genes Seeds Qwad Dawg is a new hybrid that was made to stabilize the flavour found  within the Snowdawg 2 while adding more vigore to the line. The Snowdawg is long known for heavy yields, intense flavour, and for making superious ice-water extract. By crossing the best progeny of Snowdawg 2 line, Alphakronik Genes made  a new hybrid that possesses many of teh best traits of the original Snowdawg mom, but with added sweetness and new flavour profile.

The tastes and aromas that are found in Qwad Dawg range from Over-ripened fruit to Cotton Candy with an underlying diesel flavour that coats the mouth.

Expect large yields of extremely sticky, medium density buds that grow in a conical shape with good branching and tight node separation. Qwad DAwg is also resistant  to mold and mildew.

Qwad Dawg has been shown to offer relief from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Chronic Pain.

To get the maximum flavour from Qwad Dawg, be sure to inoculate your grow medium with plenty of beneficial bacteria and fungi, and use a slightly lower dosage of nitrogen than you would with other plants. It  also uses quite a bit of calcium and magnesium, so keep an eye on the lower fan leaves to check for any deficiencies.

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PLEASE READ We sell our seeds for souvenir purposes only and for storage in-case the laws change. We at ‘The Attitude’ are here to help, but we have our restrictions. We can not, and will not discuss germination/yields/THC levels (etc.) of seeds, as it is ILLEGAL to germinate seeds in the United Kingdom and we cannot be seen to be promoting this. Unfortunately, E-mails may be ignored and remain unanswered if questions relate to the above and you may be refused a sale should you persist in requesting further information


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