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As the majority of you know we had some difficulties with credit card companies over the past couple of months due to the nature of the business we are in. We had to look for alternative options to be able to process the sales and this is how we discovered Bitcoin!  We would like to encourage people to get familiar with this method as once set up, it is fast, easy and secure way of paying for your cannabis seeds. If you are new to Bitcoin you can find some information in here

We have prepared this amazing deal for all those customers who pay for the order using the Bitcoin payment method. If you spend more than £30 for your order between 10th March 1pm until 20th March 4pm you will get 6 amazing seeds for free!

These seeds include 3 free seeds of Reserva Privada Tangie Regular, which is a Multiple Cup Winner.  Tangie has been around for many years now and has fastly become the most popular out of Reserva Privada’s family, as it has won every contest that it has entered in 10 out of 10 contests within 8 months! Just when you thought it was only Kush and Kush crosses, Crockett and Dna Crew bring this amazing and unique blend to meet your satisfaction!

As part of this promotion you shall also receive 2 free seeds of New and yet unreleeased Grow Your Own by DNA Gentics Florida Gold Feminized. Florida Gold is one of the most exciting new offerings from the Grow Your Own Collection, it is a completely new strain that is a true champion. An epic cross of Jew Gold Old Cut combined with Florida OG Cut resulted into this beatiful specimen for you all to enjoy!

If this wasn’t enough for you the promotion also offers 1 free seed of Dutch Passion Auto Mazar Feminized. Auto Mazar is a triple prize winner, which has given it a vast and popular reputation that has made it become Dutch Passion’s best seller. Praised for it’s high potency, yields and soft taste this strain is certainly not one to miss!

 Once again, if you are new to Bitcoin please follow the link for more information.




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So the Tangie seeds are all male? Strange promotion..

They are regular seeds

You guys should look into Wave Invoice as a payment option…

? bitcoin payments only
sites falling what happened to good old cc

hi friend;

Turkey long ago did you serve? Problem has been encountered yet? I\’m going to take what you\’re sending with 5 seed?

best regrts

It’s not fare to other customers, that can’t or don’t want to set up a bitcoin wallet account, buy have other legit sources of funding, especially when bicion trading companies want more information from you then the Feds did when called to get my credit card unlocked for overseas purchases, I have a pay pal account now for over 15 years, but that ant good enough verification. Fuck Bitcoin.

been a loyal customer for 3 years and now i say goodbye attitude and back to Canadian seed company’s that take actual payment its been nice up until the last few months now its not worth the hassle

is this offer still available?

Just finished, but we launched a new one- 4 seeds from HSO + 10% oFF

we take payments with other options. This promo does not apply to them though.

I would suggest to try a different bitcoin place then if they are not making it happen for you. From now there will be plenty of promos with bitcoins on regular basis so it is worth looking into it.
Thank you

Beware if this business!!!! I was a repeat customer until my concerns and questions have continued to go un answered!!!! They simply do not care! Too worried about all this other useless stuff on this site rather than making sure every customer is happy! True colors have come, I cant believe I gave so much money to this seed bank and they have failed me!

Hi Smith, we do care. I have checked our emails and there is only one email received from your email address and we have replied to it.
Please make sure to enter correct email address when using our contact form.

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