When you spend over £30 on souvenir seeds at the Attitude Seedbank from 9am November 2nd – 3pm November 5th you will receive 3 brand new feminized G13 Labs seeds.

1 X Fem White Lavender

1 x Fem Blue OG

1 x Fem Diesel Auto


We have some great promotions starting on the day also, so keep checking the page for up to minute deals.

Click here for the promotions page

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Wicked Good Job Thanks

Awesome website & seed selection on additiudeseeds , looking forward to more purchases in the near future.

I don’t know if I’m doin this the right way< but I'm giving it a shot anyways!

so gutted i missed out hope ur doing some more great deals g13 x ammnesia sounds gd

Hi folks, How are you? I wanted to comment on the Eva Jamaican Dream and some others. It is a fine seed and mine looked exactly like the pictured you have. I am from WA State US. BTW I didn’t see that there was a place to comment on the pages anymore, but I have worn out the Pine Apple Express, and what a fine seed it is. The Jamaican Dream on the other hand will be with me as a top medical novelty probably for life. It is so awesome for tension and seizures. I can not thank you enough. Always browsing your stock i have many many more to try and what fun that will be. OG Kush is another great seed though i prefer the Dinafem to the RP as it yields better for OG and it is so close in quality it what works for me. Since I seem to have to have an OG now. :) That being said Reserva Pravada has done amazing thng with their OG seed. and you will see I really like some of what they have done. Their Kandy and Kosher and others have hit the mark and I will go to them on occasion. I dont like cutting my novelties so will continue to buy from you. I will never forget how you treated me when i had trouble with one batch. You have the kind of business ethics that sets an example for the world to learn from. You have my loyalty because you believed me acouple years ago when some noveties had small problem, and that was so cool for me. Thank you, Dan

I used to shop the Single guys blow them away. Orders always prompt and correct.Great promos! you have brought much happiness to Maine and we thank you.

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