Attitude Birthday Promo


Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to usssssssssssss, Happy Birthday to us!

It’s our birthday so we are giving YOU guys a present because we love you! Its like getting a party bag without having to attend the party!

The Attitude Birthday Promotion is finally here and is live NOW!!! Right now! Please remember it ends 9th April 10am UK TIME!

All you have to do is Spend £40 To Get…

2 x Reg Blood Orange Crockett Family Farms (NEW)

1 x Fem 24k Gold DNA Genetics

1 x Fem Cotton Candy Delicious Seeds

1 x Fem Pineapple Express#2 G13 Labs

1 x Fem Holy Grail Kush DNA Genetics

1 x Fem Cherry Bomb Bomb Seeds

1 x Fem Amnesia Kush Dinafem Seeds

1 x Fem Purple Haze Auto Genofarm Seeds

1 x Fem OG Kush Blimburn Seeds

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