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Ho, Ho, Ho, Holy Heck! It is the time of year for The Attitude Seedbank Christmas promo, so let’s jingle all the way. This year we have an absolutely Christmas crackin’ (OK, enough of the Christmas puns!) promotion for you guys, with 11 free cannabis seeds! We have worked throughout the year with some of the best breeders in the world to give you these strains, some of which are top shelf and best sellers and previously unreleased!  The promotion runs from 9 am on 4th December until 3pm on the 7th December* and all you have to do to get these free seeds is make an order over £50**

Merry Christmas Everybody, with love from the Attitude Seedbank!


1 x fem Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush

Skywalker Kush

Skywalker Kush















The Skywalker Kush is renowned all around the world for being a good yielding OG Kush. With a similar taste to OG Kush, it has a complex taste and the crossing with Skywalker has resulted in increased yields. This Indica dominant cannabis strain produces massive, thick flowers filled with resin. The Skywalker makes for a fantastic concentrate plant, giving above average yields of hash and flowers in 9 weeks to give you the chance to have multiple high yielding crops a year. Now believe the hype.

Genetics : Skywalker x OG Kush

Flowering Time : 56-70 Days

Sex : Feminized

Type : Mostly Indica

Area : Indoor and Outdoor


1 fem G13 Labs Lemon Amber Kush (NEW)

g13 christmas













Lemon Amber Kush is a completely unique marijuana strain from G13 Labs. This cross of Pot of Gold (F1) and the original ‘elite’ Lemon Skunk clone from Las Vegas is a very stable and consistent, producing plants with very high yields. Thanks to the stable F1 genetics from both parents you will find the Lemon Amber Kush vigorous and easy to grow. A bit of stretch is expected during the first weeks of flowering, but the Lemon Amber Kush is strong and should be able to hold the rock solid buds without support. When matured, she displays an orange and silver shine due to the many trichomes she produces on the buds and sugar leaves. Due to the Pot of Gold heritage you can expect many dense golf-ball sized buds along most of the branches with even the lower buds showing lots of bag-appeal. Lemon Amber Skunk has a low leaf to bud ratio making her an easy crop.

Genetics: Pot of Gold x Lemon Skunk

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: High

Taste: Strong sweet taste, caramel and hashish with hints of skunk and citrus


1 x fem Sensi Northern Lights

sensi christmas













Sensi Seeds spent many years on back-breeding to get this Afghanica genotype Northern Lights perfect. This pure indica has been created for optimum indoor cultivation, with its semi-compact structure, quick flowering time and decent production. Its buds are frosted and full of honey-musk aroma with hints of earth and has been described as being heavy, compact, and fluffy. The amount of resin simply won’t stop increasing until it’s time to harvest – so much so when the buds are popped into a grinder, you can see how it sticks to the walls. Low odour and easy cultivation – withstanding rookie mistakes and temperature changes, combined with big yields and exceptional resin production, makes Northern Lights the first choice in Indica – for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity. A Northern Lights® high is definitely a relaxing one, which will take over your body and soothe every single one of your muscles. Your mind won’t be left out, mixing up feelings of euphoria and perfect harmony.


2 reg Josh D Seeds Josh D OG














The real OG Kush Story. From its rumoured beginnings in Florida in 1992, to the clandestine underground grows of Los Angeles in 1996, the Original Kush or OG Kush, has made an impression on us all. Twenty years ago, the OG was brought out to the west coast and the combination of this particular strain, plus the advancement of indoor growing, created a new movement in fine cannabis.

Genetics : Triangle Kush x SFV OG x Hell’s Angel OG

Flowering Time : 63-77 Days

Type : Hybrid

Area : Indoor


1 fem Humboldt Seed Black D.O.G.














HSO and Bio-vortex present the Black D.O.G. This top-shelf creation is the combination of two classic strains and 3 main genetic lines – Blackberry Kush was crossed with HSO’s Emerald Headband male, comprised of the classic Emerald OG and the California Sour Diesel. DOG is a beautiful lady with striking colours, immaculate aroma and unique stature. She begins with a strong vegetative growth and the spacing between fan leaves and good light penetration results in dense development, all the way to the bottom of the stem. Indoors, flowers are expected to appear quickly within 48 days, with some stretch. She is famed for spectacular purple hues, high resin counts, resistance to disease and breath-taking aromas. The flavours are grape and berry overtones accompanied by strong gassy undertones from Headband father. Expect cerebrally strong Indica dominant effects with a strong couch locking body high.

Genetics : Blackberry Kush x Emerald Headband

Flowering Time : 48-55 Days

Type : 85% Indica / 15% Sativa


1 fem Dinafem Critical+2.0

dinafem christmas













Critical+ 2.0, from Dinafem, is a feminized, Indica dominant strain which was created by crossing a Critical + with a moisture resistant phenotype. The result is a strengthened version of Critical+ which can be cultivated by a wide range of growers in regions where cultivation tends to be difficult. It is a strong, easy-to-grow, fast flowering, high-quality plant that delivers big, chunky buds which are covered in resin. Featuring the properties of a winner, it is a benchmark in the cannabis world.
Critical+ 2.0 is an outstanding slender plant with large, thin, light green leaves. It performs really well indoors, especially in SCROG cultivation. However, it is good to control its height. It grows really well outdoors, in temperate climates, and also in the comfort of a greenhouse. It is advisable to use anti-odour filters as the smell is very strong and could be a tell-tale sign at the end of the flowering period. Critical+ 2.0 has intense flavour and aroma with hints of lemon, pine and spices. The effect is powerful and cerebral, providing a long-lasting, stimulating, euphoric buzz.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Genetics: Critical+ x Resistant Critical+ pheno
Indoor flowering period: 45-50 days
Outdoor harvest time: end of September
Indoor production: 700 gr/m2
Outdoor production: 900-1300 gr/plant


1 fem TH Seeds MOB

thseeds christm,as













MOB – aka “Mother of All Berries “or “Money over Bitches” (depending on the mood you are in) is a strain originating from Boston and was brought to Amsterdam by a good friend of TH Seeds. This East Coast legend has an amazing flavour and distinctive smell, so much so, it could be called a Pinky-Stinky Monster! This 100% Indica variety is truly medicinal due to its strong properties. The first entry ever by MOB® was at the prestigious Expo grow Cannabis Cup in Irun 2015 and it won 2nd Place in Indica category.

Flowering Time : 42-55 Days

Sex : Feminized

Type : 100% Indica


1 fem Barneys Farm Liberty Haze

barneys christmas













Liberty Haze is a strain created from a crossing of G13 with a fast flowering ChemDawg 91 – High Times Cannabis Cup Winner in 2011. Performing excellently both indoors and outdoors, the long dense colas start to fatten up in the last few weeks, producing dense buds in a beautiful red and purple calyx. Liberty Haze has both Indica and Sativa characteristics with one perfect talent – short flowering stage. A medium tall plant with substantial girth and big fat calyxes, she has long, dense cola’s which start to really fatten up in the last three weeks with dense trichome production. The Liberty Haze buzz is immediate and long lasting with an alert and euphoric cerebral effect. These fast cannabis seeds are great for anyone’s garden.

Genetics : G13 x ChemDawg 91

Flowering Time : 60-65 Days

Sex : Feminized

Type : 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Area : Indoor and Outdoor


1 fem Dutch Passion Glueberry OG

dutch passion













Glueberry has a strong genetic hertigae and is made up of a cross of Original Blueberry and (Gorilla Glue x OG Kush), Gorilla Glue is a combo of Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. OG Kush has a distinctive taste and mysterious heritage. This top shelf genetic lineage ensured the connoisseur flavour and high of this fantastic strain. Dutch Passion mixed these two outstanding strains with each other and crossed the result with their long time classic Blueberry. The outcome of this wonderful cross with XL yields and an average height of 1.5/2 m is called Glueberry OG. This potent strain provides massive yields.

Genetics : Original Blueberry X (Gorilla Glue x OG Kush)

Flowering Time : 56 Days

Sex : Feminized

Type : Indica / Sativa

Area : Indoor


1 fem Fast Buds Blue Dream Matic Auto

fast buds













Blue Dream’matic is of course descended from the legendary cannabis strain Blue Dream, now in auto flowering form! The mostly sativa Blue Dream’matic is an amazing bud producer with a fantastically pungent, citric aroma and amazing flavour with a hint of pine/cedar and tart sweetness. A simple to grow plant, she demonstrates strong resistance. Big, long, dense buds are expected and a bountiful harvest could be ready as early as 9 weeks. Good for essential oil extraction. With a euphoric, relaxing and uplifting high, Blue Dream’matic offers an intense head high before mellowing out into a body high.

Genetics: Blue Dream Autoflowering

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Mostly Sativa

Room:  Indoor |  Outdoor

Flowering: 9 – 11 weeks

Harvest: XXL

Height EU: up to 110 cm

CBD: Medium

Autoflowering: yes

Taste: Citrus


*UK time – GMT

** Not including postage and packaging

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES.


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