Attitude January Promo

The Attitude Seedbank January Promotion

It’s cold. It’s Monday. It’s January. As if we need any more reason to stay curled up in bed until at least March, let alone having to go to work and be nice to people. It is OK though, we got a little Monday Motivation for y’all. We are having our monthly promotion and we don’t like to brag or anything but there are some pretty good strains available. All you gotta do to get your hands on these 6 free cannabis seeds is make an order of £40 (not incl. p&p) between RIGHT NOW and 3pm on 10th January. (UK time)

Barneys Farm G13 Haze (Fem) x 1

Barneys Farm G13 Haze is indeed one of the strongest varieties in the international cannabis market! This mostly sativa hybrid of a legendary G13 and an old-skool Hawaiian Haze is known for her unique short stature and quick flowering (65-70 days) with extraordinary density of flowers and resin production. Even at the beginning of flowering, G13 Haze has a very nice smell of ripe fruits and earth which remains throughout maturing. Feminized seeds of G13 Haze were designed especially for indoor and outdoor cultivation and outdoor plants can reach as much as 2-3 m tall, while indoor ones won’t make it higher than 120 cm, making her perfect for space restricted cannabis gardens. This cross produces great yields and provides a strong cerebral effect. 


Barneys Sweet Tooth (Fem) x 1

A 3 way cross of an Afghani x Nepalese Hash and a Hawaiian Sativa, Sweet Tooth inherited the best genetics of her parentage, making her a 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup winner. This marijuana plant is a high yielding, sweet and powerful, giving a perfect balance of both a high and stoned effect. With medium to tall growth, Sweet Tooth has with strong side branches that need room to grow, produces loads of bud sites which develop into large, resin sticky colas. To top her off, she is dusted with plenty of white crystals and looks to have been sprinkled with sugar, so yummy and tempting. Responding positively to general nutrients and performing well in nearly all growing setups, she can easily double her yield under optimal conditions. Marijuana of this mostly Indica strain causes cerebral high with a very sweet taste, an ideal weekend treat.    


World of Seeds Wild Thailand (Reg) x 2

World of Seeds Landraces Wild Thailand is a pure landrace, originating from the beautiful island of Ko Chang in Thailand. This super strain has one of the highest THC contents in world and for this reason is a firm favourite of Thailand croppers who take it to Bangkok, affording the hardest law of this country. Wild Thailand is one of the varieties more productive in Thailand, maybe because of being one genetic variant and having a relatively short harvesting time. Its smell and flavour will show you Asia, and its effects will take you to the mysterious temples of Bangkok (and maybe to the moon and back!!!). Cannabis seeds can be planted indoors (less than 1,5m high), outdoors or in your greenhouse (up to 3m high) and can enjoy harvesting the aromatic, sugary, amino acids and cannabinoids in these marijuana buds for 75-80 days. If you are an outside farmer, these cannabis seeds will surprise you late November. As Wild Thailand came from a country with quite a mild climate, it’s cannabis seeds are highly resistant to mushrooms and plague (depending on the plague). Irrigation tolerance is high. Yield is 350gr/m2 indoor and 450-500gr/m2 outdoor.                

G13 Labs Gigabud (Fem) x 1

G13 Labs Gigabud cannabis seeds are a mash up of Northern Light x Big Bud and produce compact monster buds that are covered with fat, thick resin. This beautiful strain is fast flowering, compact and easy to manicure, making this an ideal variety for the indoors. Gigabud is compact but can reach 1.5m if left unattended so keep an eye on it or ensure you have enough space. Fames for its gigantic buds, these have a deep green colour and are super heavy and dense with a rich, aromatic sweet hash flavour. G13 Labs Gigabud has a long lasting body mainly indica-type feel. Harvest time outdoors is September/October with flowering time between 5-6 weeks. Gigabud produces a high yield. 


Humboldt Seeds Organization Purple Trainwreck (Fem) x 1

Purple Trainwreck is nothing short of being a number one stunner! This beautiful strain displays violet hues and dark red hair, emitting lemon and berry undertone flavours and a citrusy, hot scent. A cross of Mexican, Afghani, Thai and Mendo Purps, this mostly Sativa strains origins are particularly valuable. Indoors, it requires both enough space to develop fully and a diet rich in nutrients, however, the growing period should be reduced to avoid overstretching. Resistant to moisture and pests, this marijuana plant is also suitable for outdoor cultivation in temperate, warm, dry and Mediterranean climates. This strain isn’t called Trainwreck for nothing, and has a devastating, cerebral, invigorating and psychedelic high that develops into a powerful long-lasting feeling of relaxation on a second stage.


Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so.


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