Attitude Seedbank December Promotion



Attitude Seedbank December Promotion

This is the big one, for our December promotion we are going all out with 7 strains from 7 different breeders.

We hope you all had a very productive and successful 2013 and hope you loved our amazing promotions and deals we had set for last year.

December Promotional Details (Day early than usual)

Starts 9am, Thursday 5th December (ukgmt)

Ends 3 pm, Monday 9th December (ukgmt)

When you spend over £40 on Cannabis Seeds during the promotional times you will receive for free:

1 x fem | BC Bud Depot | Girl Scout Cookies
1 x fem | TH Seeds | Sage N Sour
1 x fem | DNA | Kosher Tangie (new)
1 x fem | Reserva Privada | Silver Kush
1 x fem | Humboldt Seeds Organization | Purple Trainwreck
1 x fem | Dinafem | Dinachem
1 x fem | Cali Connection | Green Crack (new)

This promotion is one per customer only, multiples orders will not be accepted for this promotion. Make sure to get your orders in early to avoid any disappointments. | The world’s largest Cannabis Seeds Superstore | Worldwide Discreet Shipping 

Please Note: The Attitude Seedbank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Seeds sold by The Attitude may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES
Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for any video’s that appears after “The Attitude Video’s” as this is due to the way “You Tube” works. All the video on You Tube are freely available to the general public. All video’s are for entertainment value only and are for educational purposes only.

Comments (12)

What a great selection! We can get a Girl Scout Cookie seed for free. That alone is a good deal. But we are getting 7 outstanding fem seeds. Way to go ‘Tude!

how can i make sure that when i buy seeds for over 40 pounds..i will be eligible for the Attitude December Promotion…it doesn’t show any link to make sure i have selected it….

When you purchase over the promotional dates the xmas freebies get automatically added to your basket, only during promo times.

I’m trying to spend well over $100 and it won’t add the Christmas promotional seeds to my order ????? wTF ????

This is best Christmas gift ever I only needed to buy 5 seeds to get 9 more free.

So if I buy 40 pounds worth of seeds on Dec 8th, that puts me in the middle of 2 promotions. Do I get the 7 fem seeds or the 10 free seed deal, or both?

Got my free seeds added when I payed at the order page,
What a great deal 110% happy with the freebies just can’t wait to receive them now :)

this was a great promotion….although due to unavoidable circumstances could not get the benefit… would like similar deals… for boxing day i suppose… what say admin… last deal of 2013…boomshankar..

My first order it added straight on to my order after I spent certain amount. My package is only one state away now I cannot wait to see if I got them all. First time getting any at all but know what im doing best deal by far anywhere. Thanks will leave more. Feedback

Hello there attitude,matthew cox here A.K.A cheesemonster,i cannot get into my latest viewed seed invoices,except the one that I did place in w
that cmment box I said I would be sending you a postal order.Not sure if you remember as I also was concerned that I would not receive my xmas 7 freebies because the post office sent my letter back for some reason(they said something about the stamp/s.But I did speak to a lovely lady at your shop on the phone explaining the situation,And Thankfully she said there shouldn’t be any problems with that.I also told her about last Xmas time my mom had the same problem.Anyway thank you Attitude.
Yours Sincerely
Matthew Cox,A.K.A cheesemonster

Ordered an received all of my seeds ,olny took 7 days to get to USA ,the tude I sure believe is getting better at shipping with stealth ,,,,,u all rock tude just arrived wow14 days 3rd successful order.Thank you I\’d be stuck with bag weed if it weren\’t for you.merry Christmas.

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