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The Attitude Seedbank is extremely pleased to announce a brand-spanking new Gage Green Seeds drop!

Taking their name from  ‘Gage’, the name jazz ledgend Louis Armstrong used for marijuana, Gage Green Genetics are one of the most elite American breeders. All of their carefully bred hybrids undergo extensive selection trials to ensure the strains are top quality, high yielding and vigorous. They are so precise with their work, that they personally hand-select every single seed and this is the reason they only produce limited quantities of each strain. None of their products contain hormones or any nasty, artificial chemicals meaning everything is clean, organic and authentic. As their cannabis seed strains are bred in such a puritan style, there is no mass production and enables you to own some of the most incredible, rarest cannabis strains available.

The drop will contain 8 new strains and the return of the long-awaited Cult Classic – Grape Stomper OG!!! (This is sure to put a huge smile on your faces!)

The other strains that are available are as follows:

Salvation - Salvation has smooth aromas with tropical to citrus flavours. Strain ideal for medicinal purposes.
Peacemaker - It has a very uplifting effect leaving you with sociable feelings, harmonious thoughts and extrication of any anxiety, worries or stress.
Talisman- You will find the Talisman will give you powerful energies contained in it’s resinous crystals.
Healing Fields – Every phenotype increases mental awareness and creativity while pushing out physical pain, leaving you feeling perfectly balanced.
Blue in Green -is a completely social medicine, Blue in Green is a good producer which will not disappoint. Expect strong, vigorous yields.
Oak Tree – Oak Tree is Gage Green latest hybrid which extends her roots all the way out to Oakland, California. Oak Tree’s genetics are the Purple Kush crossed with Joseph.
Golden Gage – This sativa dominant marijuana strain smells of zesty lemons and sour OG with a trace of spice and haze. This beautiful armoa is simply mouthwatering.
Orange Juice – Combination of the citrus tang of the COOG, a Cali Orange x OG and OG x Joseph OG has produced this amazing, fruity strain.

 June 6th 9 am UK Time at The Attitude Seedbank!

Don’t forget to get your orders in early as these are all limited strains and missing out would be a real tragedy!!! ;)

As an extra encouragement (although we are sure you do not need any) we would like to remind you that every purchase of these amazing varieties made during these times June 6th 9am- June 9th 3pm will qualify not only for our usual free seeds but also extra free Barneys Farm Seeds !

You can view the details of this promotion in here:


Please Note: The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Seeds sold by The Attitude may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so.
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you guys raised the prices from 112 to 122$ !!! why

Why is the grape stomper og more now?

We have not raised the price for this. The only thing I can think of is the currency convertion rate must have changed.

No, we haven’t increased the price for this. It has always been the same as it is now- approx 112usd. I think you may be looking at Canadian dollars as it works out around 122?

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