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Happy Hour with The Attitude

Happy Hour with The Attitude Seednak. Free Cannabis Seeds and worldwide shipping

It has been a long, long wait but the rainclouds have finally cleared and Summer is HERE ! Dust off the swim-wear as its time for pool parties, balmy nights, BBQ’s, music festivals and hitting the beach. Now THE Attitude Seedbank is giving you yet another reason to celebrate the glorious sunshine with our new summer giveaways-THE HAPPY HOUR!
Every Wednesday at 12 pm UK Time for the next 10 weeks we will be running some special offers for our customers. Mark those dates in your calendar people as this one of those things you would not want to miss out on!

Expect something different each week. We will be giving away Free Seeds, Free Merchandises or offer Great Discounts – we have some exciting things lined up for you!

Reserve 1 hour a week for yourself and enjoy our awesome deals!

These promotions will be running for ONE HOUR ONLY so we urge you to get your orders in as soon as possible as the clock will be ticking!

Look out for details of each Happy Hour every Monday and take the next couple of days to decide what you’re going to treat yourself to this week.

                                         10 WEEKS – 10 HOURS OF HAPPINESS :-)


Get ready for the first ever Happy Hour with The Attitude Seedbank!


June 18th at 12pm UK Time for 1 hour only!


All orders over £30 will be gifted with 3 superior seeds of the brand new strain from Female Seeds – Red Purps.
This red & purple beauty with a candy licourice flavour has been the most anticipated Female Seeds strain of the year! They devoloped this strain from Purple Power, with very similar characteristics but with an outstanding taste and aroma. This new shade of purple is a must for everyone who enjoys a stimulating treat for the eyes
your hands on this outstanding variety today!

Happy Hour 1 The Attitude Seedbank with free Female Seeds

Happy Hour ’1 with The Attitude Seedbank. Free Female Seeds Red Purps



Comments (8)

Hi! Could you tell me what time that would be in Alaska?
(or how could i find out?)
Thanks, Alycia W.

You can find the clock showing our current time on our contact page

Would it b possible to receive an email on the day of the promo giving me an eastern america time in relation to the time in the uk?

BST (London) 12pm-1pm
EDT (New York) 7am-8am (-5)
AKDT (Juneau, Alaska) 3am-4am (-9)
CST (Bejing, China) 7pm-8pm (+7)
CEST (Berlin, Germany) 1pm-2pm (+1)

Hey Paul, you can see our local time on the clock on our contact page. Here is the link below. It always displays the current time in UK

Thanks Attitude Sb. . For my GREAT ATTITUDE, and lets keep it GREEN. :-)

Would be much better using 24 clock, is 12pm midnight or midday? there is no standard convention.

It is a midday

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