This Promotion begins at 9am June 8th – ends 3pm June 11TH (UKGMT)

Spend over £35 on seeds during these times and qualify for these free seeds from the top breeders in the Cannabis Industry.

  • 1 x Fem Cali Connection – Blue Dream Haze (Brand New)
  • 1 x Fem Reserva Privada – Kandy Kush
  • 2 x Reg T.H Seeds – Lambo aka Rambo
  • 1 x Fem Delicious Seeds – Critical Jack Herer
  • 1 x Fem G13 Labs – Pineapple Express
  • 1 x Fem Dinafem Seeds Cheese Auto

This promotion is valid for one per customer only, The Attitude Seedbank can extend and shorten promotion times at any period, so get your orders in early to avoid any possible disappointment.

The Attitude Seedbank sells seeds for souvenir purposes only, or for storage incse the laws change. We cannot any will not discuss about germination of seeds as this is ILLEGAL.

For more information please head over to our F.A.Q section.

For the best selection of Cannabis Seeds and promotions please head over to our website

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May I pay in US dollars? What is the min. $ in U.S.?

This will make me wait… ;)

during the jubilee do i still get my ufo freebies along with the jubilee promo
sincerly Brian love the new site but i hate i cant buy from your store anymore or i just cant find how to get in it shirts raps pipes grinders and so on .Whats the dilleo?

Hey ladies and gents, bethelattiutes here. Thanks for making a new site I like it. So whats up with the new strains I asked for?

Looks great!

Concerning the June Jubilee, say if i order the Sweet Seeds Auto pack for 32 euros and have the 8 euro shipping fee plus a crush proof tin which adds out toaround 39 euros. Will that qualify for the 35 euro june jubilee freebies? Thank you for your time!

First Order:

Came as expected with everything promised.
I’m a very happy customer and will be back soon.

Thumbs Up to: ATTITUDE

With the june jubilee and other june promo running at same time do u get free seeds from both promos and ufo’s for 35 euro or whatever in dollar 45 ish?

Hey man. June Jubilee was last years promo. June Jam is this years. Hope that helps.

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