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Recently there has been a lot of noise about all about CBD (cannabidiol) and some surprising uses for it, and disorders it can help. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis alongside the psychoactive compound, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and around 60 other compounds and although CBD is found to be non-psychoactive, it can still help with psychological illness such as anxiety. Although CBD will not get you high, like THC does, it has its own wonderful properties to support ailments and illnesses.

In studies undertaken in the last 7 years, research has suggested that using CBD oil in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Those being treated with CBD suggested there was a reduction in the pain they suffered. CBD is also great to treat diseases like MS, and it is quite popular in the Medical Marijuana community (MMJ)

Studies show that the use of CBD can reduce anxiety and can have a calming effect so it is great for the use in treating disorders such as Post traumatic stress disorder.  As CBD is a relaxant, it is also very, very good for treating those with sleep disorders such as insomnia.

At the Attitude Smoking lounge, we sell a range of CBD products.

MyCBD Oil 10% Dietary Supplement

MyCBD 10% CBD Oil Dietary Supplement

This 10% CBD Oil is hemp extract and organic sunflower oil blend. Each 10 ml bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD Oil is perfect for CBD users looking to boost the immune system. It is also known for its calming and general well-being effect (no psychoactive effect). It has no side effects and is not addictive.

CBD sublingual oil is for oral use only. The recommended daily dose is 3 to 9 drops every 8 hours. Place it under the tongue and hold for 1 minute for better absorption.


Cannadora CBD Hemp Butter

Cannadorra CBD Hemp Butter - Ghee, 220ml

This organic ghee contains hemp buds rich in CBD and CBDa. Heating causes cannabinoids to bind to fat and also makes them “active”. It is recommended to be used along with CBD oil and has a high content of CBD, contains no gluten or lactose and is made from 95% no-water butter fat, 5% Hemp buds rich on CBD


MyCBD Herbal Infusions and Topical Creams.

MyCBD Immuno CBD InfusionMyCBD Natural CBD InfusionMyCBD Relax CBD Infusion

MyCBD Cream 50ml

We also stock a range of CBD infused creams and herbal tea infusions. The MyCBD cream is created from organic hemp extract, olive oil, arnica, lavender and beeswax and due to the hemp extract enriched with cannabidiol, it provides an intense relaxing sensation so is ideal to use for joints and muscle areas.


The herbal tea infusions contain no calories and it is recommended adding a dash of milk to the infusion for proper dissolution of the CBD present in the natural hemp. The Immune tea contains hemp leaves, thyme, rosemary, oregano and Echinacea. Due to its natural and high quality ingredients it helps to strengthen the immune system.


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This is a very nice article. Cbd is truly the next best thing in medical advancement. Why is it very popular? This is primarily because of it’s health benefits and effectiveness it can offer. I’ve watch a lot of video about how CBD works it’s magic in a snap. Marijuana strains can give you different effect like

I was looking for a right marijuana strain that could help me with my chronic back pain. I’m suffering from it for almost 2 months now I just don’t know if it’s connected to my work since I’m sitting more or less 9 hours. I came a cross with this marijuana strain black mamba cbd . This is the first time that I would be taking medical marijuana I’m not sure if this would be effective with my back pain. Also is there any other way using it medically?

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