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The Attitude Smoking Lounge stores thousands of smoking accessories – Vaporizers, Bongs, Grinders, Rolling Trays and Papers, Dabbing Products, CBD and Hemp Products, Apparel and much more!

We sell the products of many worldwide-known and reputable companies, Space Case, Santa Cruz ShredderDaVinci, Happy Daddy, C Vault, Storz and Bickel, G13 Labs, Serious Seeds, Roor, RAW, Lift Tickets, Kokonuggz, Dr. Dabber, Puffco, Harmony and many others!

We offer worldwide shipping and freebies!

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Spend £45 (excluding postage and packing) and get The Attitude Seedbank Skull T-shirt, The Attitude Smoking Lounge Metal Rolling Tray, G13 Labs and Pura Vida CBD Canna Balms (x 2) and Vape Girl Stickers For Free!


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I can’t find this plant again. Growth pattern super unusual. Feminized. Grew long thin tendrel limbs. With tiny leaves and covered in white trichomes. Was spicy and super good despite not a huge producer. Ideas? Seen this??

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