Biocare are a MMJ dispensary with high standards. They supply quality medicine and their aim is to  to ’ help you heal… naturally, safely, and without that residual side-effect’.  They adhere to the strict Colorado state laws and will only dispense to those patients that are registered MMJ card holders. 

Because they understand that not all patients can inhale smoke, they stock a whole range of alternative cannabis infused products. These products are purely developed and infused, so the patient can still intake the full potency of cannabis. In stock at the moment they have oral tinctures, 
-Sugar Leaf 2X: Premium Glycerin flavored with all-natural sweeteners.
-Goddess Nectar: Premium Glycerin in OG KUSH, PINEAPPLE Indica Strains
-Blazen Booda: Premium Glycerin Indica Tincture, in several Flavours.

Medical Marijuana Food Products (which are all guarenteed potent) 
-Keef Kola – great concentrated infused beverage, in several flavors…
-Tastee Yummee’s – Line of Organic and Strain Specific Food products, a healthy choice for edible lovers.
-Wellness Drops – 3X and 9X Strength Hard Candies in various fruit flavors
-Buckeye’s – Organic Peanut Butter Truffle
-Dazy’s – various infused food products: chocolates and hard candies

and to top it all off, they also stock Cannabis Lip Balm.

These guys are great and you should definately pay them a visit. Their premises are clean, modern and comfortable and they staff are helpful.

2899 N.Speer Blvd.,
CO 80211,


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