Black Friday Sale Weekend

Black Friday Attitude Seed Bank Marijuana Seeds

Fancy some money off cannabis seeds? Give thanks to your souvenir collections all this weekend when you shop at The Attitude Seed Bank.

Starting from now when you enter the code Black420 at the checkout you’ll receive 15% off your order. This is just a small way The Attitude gives thanks to its loyal customers.

Don’t forget that also happening this weekend, we’ve got Subcool’s latest creation, Time Wreck debuting at The Attitude Seed Bank. For a very limited time only if you buy 2 packs of 10 TGA Subcool seeds you’ll receive a 5 pack of Time Wreck for free (reg).

And for those who may have missed it (and those who haven’t) here’s the December promo video to finish off.

For more information about competitions, promotions or new strains arriving at The Attitude Seedbank check out our facebook page and follow us on twitter.

The Attitude sells for souvenir purposes only, or for storage unless the laws change. It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in most countries.

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I think there will be a ton of folks ordering seeds during the black friday sales event.

You guys and gals at the attitude rock for doing great promotions like this one for us.

Keep up the great work!

I am a 70 y.o old smoker who wants some of the old times and do not have a medical card here in Colorado bec. it totals out to about $210 for the card and $90.00 state tax–ugh. Could you reccommend some seed appropriate for me and for the good times?

Where is the place to put the Black420 code??? everytime i get to where it takes my info there is no place to put the code… please help

Years ago I bought some very interesting smoke. It was referred to as “GOLD”. It was roughly the color of Banana skins and it had a very great taste. I haven’t been able to find it since that time.
Is there a particular type of seeds that might be available? It’s a stretch, I know but I had to ask.

Thanks for just being there.

All Voucher codes are entered in during the checkout process.


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