Bodhi Seeds 2013 Seeds

Bodhi Seeds 2013 Seeds

New Bodhi Cannabis Seeds dropping very soon at The Attitude Seedbank. Make sure to add these seeds to your email back in stock when they arrive.

Type:  Silver mountain
Sex: Regular
Genetics:  super silver haze x green crack x tres dawg
Flowering Time:  9-11 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: heavy
Characteristics:  heavy hazy wands of wizardry

silver mountain is a big yielding haze/chem family hybrid, using my
proven male of appalachia: h&l’s hybrid of green crack and jj’s
tres dawg wed to my cherished mr nice super silver haze mother cut,
this one hits it home for the lover of electric sativa effects with
dense full resinous buds in a shorter maturation window, aromas and
flavors of spicy citron and hazy melon with a funky chemdawg bottom
end, energizing and powerful with a light push of body enhancement…
this is a limited release and will no longer be reproduced after
they are gone, due to the loss of the f1 male…..

View Silver Mountain Here

Type:  Ethiopian Highland
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time:  9-12 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
Characteristics:  deep meditation sativa

Originally from African seeds stock, the now defunct old school
purveyors of the finest south African heirlooms. These are an open
pollination made by a friend from Bodhi’s previous filial selections.

The original write up: Ethiopian Highland – Outdoor
Considered the finest in the world by the ruling Empress Zauditu
and Ras Tafari who became the Emperor Haile Selassie this pure
sativa comes direct from the ancient land of Ethiopia in what we
believe is a world first. Cultivated and inbred by his latter day
followers in the city of Shashemene this sativa grows well at
altitude and in cooler climates. Buds typically long sativa with
visible resin droplets providing a clear energetic high. Plants are
shorter, branched and stockier than the tall bushy southern african
types. Should also do well indoors but not fully trialed yet.
(these are a small preservation release for this years outdoor

View Ethiopian Highland Here

Type:  Malawi gold
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time:  10-14 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
Characteristics:  electric mind fire

Outdoor Famed by travelers across Africa for its potent ‘up high’ and mythical gold
color. The sativa ganja tops are bound tightly in banana leaf and
cured to form the well known Malawi ‘cob’. High yields from big
buds loaded with THC. These are wild seeds selected from some of
the most learned cannabis growers in Malawi.
(these are a small preservation release for this years outdoor

View Malawi gold Here

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