Bodhi Seeds Prayer Tower, Mothers Milk, Fantasy Island

Bodhi Seeds New Strains,

We have 3 brand new Cannabis Strains coming soon to The Attitude Seedbank from the popular Bodhi Seeds Collection.

Prayer Tower
Sex: Regular
Genetics:  lemon thai sat x appalachia
Flowering Time:  9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
Characteristics:  tropical mind lubrication

Prayer tower is the ultimate friendly high octane wake and bake
experience, pure mind lubrication, clarity, focus, spiritual
atonement and good vibes without the anxiety, with just enough body
to put a dip in your hip and a glide in your stride. phenos range
from sativa colas on a bushy frame to towers of power, heavy yields
of tropical sweet fruits flowers and tree barks on a bed of brown
sugar hashy goodness.


Mothers Milk
Sex: Regular
Genetics:  nepali og x appalachia
Flowering Time:  9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
Characteristics:  milky mounds of motherly love

this is a truly beautiful hybrid of nepali og (same mother as goji
og) crossed to the now retired appalachia male (green crack x tres
dawg). the amazing thing about this cross is that many of the
phenos have an aroma of powdered milk, some with very delicate
fruit accents like the smell of candy hearts, but an undeniable
head of sweet powdery milk. the predominant milk smell is so
different and unique i named it mothers milk, it has some of the
highest bag appeal of any strain i run, and a potency that will cut
through the fog of other strains like butter, with a heavy yield
for an og hybrid. this is a very feminine and sublime strain don’t
expect in your face lemon pinesol on this one, although with some
digging there are pure og phenos to be had, the magik with this
momma is in the unique expression of her genes.


Fantasy island
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time:  9 weeks
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Medium
Characteristics:  deep exotic love nugs

The queen of purples, purple urkle meets the chemmy fruity funk of
appalachia. This is one of the most visually stunning plants Bodhi Seeds have created…
kushy maroon modules of crystalized diamond clusters…
almost exactly the same as the legendary sr71 purple kush x
appalachia from a few years back…  aromas of exotic island
flowers, nag champa, black grape, pomegranate and balsamic honey
kush… deep deep sexy sensual relaxing body and open vast mind effect…..
medium yields… 9 weeks to paradise…

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Can you tell me when you will drop more Harlequin BX seeds?

Unfortunately we dont have an exact time to when these will be back. Please use the “notify me when back in stock” button located on the product page, as soon as they arrive in stock you will be automatically emailed.

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