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The Attitude SeedBank is proud to announce new and exciting edition to our seed library! These three outstanding varieties are sold on our website.

Dream Catcher Blog

710 Genetics has produced one hell of a plant called DreamCatcher. This is an exquisite blend of two beautiful Indicas and one mouth-watering sativa. Its flavour is undeniably good. You can taste hints of citrus with sour undertones, the legendary Kush flavour mixed with tropical fruit finishing with gassy fruity aromas. Dream Catcher’s flowering cycle takes 8 to 9 weeks providing the grower with a decent yield. Dream Catcher cannabis seeds produce exceptional plants reaching a height of 1.5m grown indoor and up to 2.5m tall outdoor. The high has the relaxing effect of indica, perfect for daytime use. A truly great fusion of Indica and Sativa within one strain has come together creating the ultimate hybrid!

Leonarda Blog

Leonarda is another fantastic offering from 710 Genetics Seed Bank. This elite marijuana strain is the result of a mass selection process of an old gene lineage. Developed from classic Skunk#1 crossed with an almost pure indica. These specific seeds generate plants that produce strong and stable structures. This very good resinous strain grows vigorously and flowers quicker than most sativas delivering healthy yields. Its unique flavour is sweet and fruity containing mango, pineapple and exotic wood notes. It will leave your tongue receptors going wild and your mouth watering.

Purps Blog

Purps is a feminized Indica-dominant marijuana strain derived from the cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This beautiful lady emits subtle and earthy scents with sweet overtones typically associated with Kush varieties. Extremely delicious flavours and aromas are expressed from this beauty. Flowering time for this strain is 8-9 weeks. Expect top-notch yields of frosty buds. The pure indica effect is a blissful, long-lasting euphoria hit while the physical relaxation combats the body pain, insomnia and stress.


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