Cannabis Cup

Hi Everyone!

Not long now until the Cannabis Cup! We can’t believe a year has flown by so quickly and we are busy busy preparing for this years event.

We loved seeing you there last year and cannot we wait to see you there this year.

Please come over and have a chat with us (you’ll be able to find us by keeping an eye for the best looking stand and the best look ladies! ;) ) and we can offer you some great deals and of course a great selection of the BEST souvenirs you can buy. And when I say BEST I mean the BEST.

Come and check out great deals on souvenirs from G13 LABS, KANNABIA, BARNEYS FARM, RESERVA PRIVADA, SENSI, DUTCH PASSION, DNA GENETICS…the list is endless. and if our great deals of amazing seeds isn’t enough for you, you should come and have a chat with Mr. Attitude himself and his lovely ladies!

  Attitude – BIGGER and BETTER than ever! :)

See you on the 21st!

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