Can’t we all just get a bong?

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We are confident that you will find the right piece or glass or smoking accessory here at the Attitude smoking Lounge as we stock a huge variety of different blong, vapes and pipes, with prices that suit your pocket too (depending on how big your pocket is, obvs!!!) .
Here is a handful of the smokeware we stock…


Gas Mask Bong

Gas Mask Bong

OK, so it’s probbbbbbably not a good idea if you are claustrophobic but grrrrrrrreat if you’re a bit freaky! The gas mask style bong adjustable straps so is great if you have a big head, and comes with a detachable acrylic bong with a metal downpipe and bowl.


Gravity Vortex Pipe

This cannabis cup winning bong, The Gravity VORTEX Water Pipe is the world’s latest and most powerful way to smoke. The Vortex offers a silky smooth, but with a punchy gravity hit. Designed to maximize pulling efficiency the Gravity Vortex pipe has dual chamber design that filters smoke through the water to create a clean and thick cloud of smoke. As you draw in from the top mouthpiece, fresh air mixes with the gravity smoke, producing a personalized magnitude of smoke.
The smoke feels smooth like a vaporizer, but gives better effects and uses lesser amount of product. Just pour the water back and forth and watch the design make anti-gravity smoking portable and exciting.
Gravity Vortex Water Pipe is produced from high quality polycarbonate that makes it almost indestructible.

Goa Glower by Indian Glass

This bong is a chic and unique piece and if you fancy a smoke in the middle of the night, you won’t even need to turn on the light as this little beauty glows in the dark. Say whaaat? Yup. It glows in the dark. Hand-crafted and a little over 12”, the Goa Glower created from thick walled coloured glass and is available in different patterns and featured built in percolators.


The Rok-it V.5 Water Pipe by Red-Eye

 The Rok-it V.5 Water Pipe

5,4,3,2,1…BLAST OFF! The Rok-it V. 5 is a premium quality Red-Eye bong and is totally famous for being one of the best bongs you can get.

This ultra-sturdy model is crafted from anodised aluminium and stainless steel and it features a 5mm thick borosilicate glass chamber. All internal parts are CNC machined to the highest standards and are made from stainless steel to prevent water corrosion. Inside, a 14 port dual chamber filtration rose breaks up smoke into a mist of finer bubbles which increases the surface area for the smoothest smoke of your life. The Rokit stands just 23cm in height and can be completely disassembled into its component parts for easy cleaning or convenient storage.


Bong Beaker Little Sista Ice Master Black 5.0

In the summer time, when you got smokin’ on your mind…the Ice Master range is perfect. RooR have a fantastic reputation for creating the finest glassware available on today’s market and the RooR Little Ice Master is no exception. Featuring the RooR logo, this glass piece has an enlarged beaker for a smoother and cooler smokey-toke. And what makes it super special is the fact it is designed to be able to hold ice – making it cooler than a snowman’s ass! ROOR goal is to make sure that you, the user, are getting the highest quality product that is handmade of the finest glass and lovingly made ensuring that each piece is the perfect smoking implement.You can tell the different thicknesses by their standard colours – Red is 3.2mm, White Black is 5mm, Green is 7mm and Yellow is a FairMaster bong which is 5mm.


Roor Rasta Steam Roller

Steam Roller Pipe

Peace out pipe, maaaan! Initially coming from the American Continent, the Steam Rollers still recall traditional enjoyment of life. The RooR steam rollers are hand blown by some of the best glass blowers in the industry and the steam roller lets you smoke through glass but without water cooling. Elegant simple design and top quality glass. Smoking through glass but without water cooling.
ROOR steam rollers are available in four sizes.


To see all Pipes and Bongs available, CLICK HERE!


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