Capitol Hill Medicine Shoppe

Capitol Hill Medicine Shoppe’s name suggest piles of old dusty books and relics this place is bright, fresh and clean and you could even go as far to say that is doesn’t look dissimilar form a doctors office. Albeit very small doctor’s office, but like I said, this place is bright and fresh with open floor plan and lots of natural light.

These guys offer no treatments except marijuana. The stock 22 varieties and a massive (and I mean massive) range of edibles and tinctures, and if you perfer to grow your own (for medical use only), he offers seedlings.

​Capitol Hill Medicine Shoppe
1410 Grant Street, #B-104
Denver, Colorado 80204
Capital Hill Medicine Shoppe

Hours: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday -Friday; closed weekends
Size: 1,100 square feet
Date opened: July 1, 2009
Clients: 100 registered patients, about 400 consistent customers
Patient services: Handicap accessible; delivery service available
Must customers make the dispensary their designated caregiver:
Raw marijuana price range: $98-$108 for a 1/4 ounce
Other types of medicine: Edibles, hash, tinctures, balms, lotions, clones

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