attitude seed bank


New strain, dutch kush


The legendary Paradise Seeds have released a brand spankin’ new strain, Dutch Kush. This Indica/Sativa (80/20) hybrid has a flowering time of 60 days indoors. L...

Attitude seedbank new seeds


The Attitude Seedbank have a whole heap of new strains from our favourite breeder that are soon to be released... First up, we have three new strains coming from ...

Funny cannabis memes


The Funniest Stoner Memes It’s summer. It’s raining. There’s been a referendum and Planet Earth Expo has finished…Please bring a smile to our faces. If anyo...

Microsoft is joining the cannabis movement


Microsoft is going green.   Microsoft is jumping into bed with Kind Financial, a cannabis engaged software company. According to its website, Kind Financi...

Product earth expo 2016


  Oh my goodness…We actually cannot believe that it is only 15 more days until Product Earth Expo Kicks off. You know what this means right? It means P...