Big Buddha Seeds


Attitude christmas market


The Attitude Seedbank Christmas Market! We know we have already had the bomb -ass sucescess that was the Christmas promotion at the Attitude Seedbank but we a...


High times cannabis cup 2014


This year is going far too fast… We absolutely cannot believe that in just ten days, the 27th High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup will commence! This is one...

Big buddha cheesus


Big Buddha Cheesus is a mostly indica cannabis strain that has been specially bred and developed by the almighty Big Buddha. The genetics of Cheesus were selected fr...

Big buddha bubble cheese


Big Buddha Bubble Cheese is certainly a bubbly cheesy little thing of a strain. Originally developed by British Mr. Cheese by using old school Bubblegum crossed with...

Big buddha chiesel


Big Buddha Chiesel takes its name and its genetics from two of  the best marijuana flavors - Cheese and Diesel. This strain was developed by the Big Buddha whose br...