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Attitude christmas market


The Attitude Seedbank Christmas Market! We know we have already had the bomb -ass sucescess that was the Christmas promotion at the Attitude Seedbank but we a...

Santas favourite cookies


Christmas Cookies!!! Earlier on we posted this meme of Santa confirming his favourite types of cookies were those from Colorado and Washington State… We thou...

Grandaddy purple family connoisseur genetics


Grandaddy Purple S1 by Connoisseur Genetics has really been flying out of the doors of The Attitude Seed Bank recently. Because of this some of you have been left ...

Grandaddy purple s1 connoisseur genetics seeds


One of the most asked for strains here at The Attitude Cannabis Seed Bank, we have Connoisseur Genetics Grandaddy Purple S1 back in stock! We’ve been fending yo...

Connoisseur genetics promotion


We’ve had new Connoisseur Genetics strains land in The Attitude Cannabis Seeds Bank and to celebrate we’re giving you the chance to get some free beans too! Pu...