Gage Green Seeds


Attitude christmas market


The Attitude Seedbank Christmas Market! We know we have already had the bomb -ass sucescess that was the Christmas promotion at the Attitude Seedbank but we a...

Attitude seedbank at cultiva expo


We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be attending the Cultiva Expo in the Austrian city of Vienna this year. The expo takes place on 7 – 9th Octobe...

Growing collection of gage green genetics seeds


I hope you have save some money, because The Attitude Seedbank is about to give you another 15 reasons to spend them ;) Those kicking asses strains are made by Gage...

New gage green seeds


  New Gage Green Seeds Genetics We have some super exciting news for you guys! (Seriously, we cannot wait for this!!!)  In just a few weeks’ time we are ...

New strains from gage green genetics seeds


The Attitude Seedbank is extremely pleased to announce a brand-spanking new Gage Green Seeds drop! Taking their name from  'Gage', the name jazz ledgend Loui...