medical cannabis

Attitude seedbank new seeds


The Attitude Seedbank have a whole heap of new strains from our favourite breeder that are soon to be released... First up, we have three new strains coming from ...

Product earth expo 2016


  Oh my goodness…We actually cannot believe that it is only 15 more days until Product Earth Expo Kicks off. You know what this means right? It means P...

Weed to be sold in canadian liquor stores


A Beer and a Bud? Oh for sure!!! Canadian liquor stores could be selling more than just liquor this time next year with a call for them to start selling marijua...

DEA chief brands MMJ A Joke Blog Thumbnail

Dea chief brands mmj ‘a joke’


DEA Chief has made a massive a blunder by calling Medical Marijuana ‘A Joke’ According to the International Business Times, the backlash has been fierce, with...

Ohio Rejects New Law Thumbnail

Ohio rejects new marijuana law


Ohio Rejects New Marijuana Law   Do not Pass go. Do not collect $200. This was the outcome of Tuesdays vote to legalize Marijuana in Ohio with voters...