Vulkania Seeds


Attitude christmas market


The Attitude Seedbank Christmas Market! We know we have already had the bomb -ass sucescess that was the Christmas promotion at the Attitude Seedbank but we a...

Vulkania seeds v2.0 feminized


Vulkania Seeds V2.0 Feminized Vulkania Seeds  V2.0 are a feminized range of seeds from a selection of the 2006 range from the famous New York City Diesel. The ...

Vulkania seeds hash plant feminized


Vulkania Seeds Hash Plant Feminized Vulkania Seeds Hash Plant is a major producer of resin. This is an incredible variety of a medium size plant with few branche...

Vulkania seeds babylonia fruit feminized


Vulkania Seeds Babylonia Fruit Feminized Vulkania Babylonia Fruit is a spectacular variety that originates in Africa and Asia. Babilonia is a medium sized pl...

Vulkania seeds white diesel feminized


Vulkania Seeds White Diesel Feminized Vulkania Seeds White Diesel is dedicated to the master teachers, the creator of the name and the image of our seed bank, "Th...