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Jogn Sinclair Ceres Seeds The Attitude Seed BankCeres Seeds presents a brand new line paying homage to the famed poet, political cannabis activist and connoisseur of the seed – John Sinclair.  Soon to be in stock at The Attitude Seed Bank, the John Sinclair line includes four varieties of cannabis seed, which capture the essence of the connoisseur’s choice.

The new John Sinclair seeds are available as UFO freebies when you buy your cannabis seeds at The Attitude Seed Bank. Spend over £.50 and you’ll receive Skunk Amsterdam, over £30 and you’ll get Sativa Trans-Love Feminized and over £60 you’ll get Indica Viper Feminized.

Sinclair’s legendary status came when he was arrested for giving joints to an undercover officer. The 10-year sentence given to him kick started work wide protests, the most notable coming from John Lennon and Stevie Wonder. The publicity and funds raised by these protests were enough to see the Michigan Supreme Court ruling against his sentence and seeing him free after two years in jail. Following this John became an icon for generations to come.

It ain’t fair, John Sinclair
In the stir for breathing air
- John Lennon

Following his release Sinclair stepped up his activism working heavily in the Netherlands, taking particular interest in the liberal soft drugs laws. Since his studying into the potential effects of decriminalizing cannabis, Sinclair came into contact with Ceres Seeds, affiliating with them as part of his quest for freedom and cannabis excellence.

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The Attitude Seed Bank sells seeds for souvenir purposes only, or in the event the laws change. It is illegal to germinate Cannabis seeds in most countries.

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