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Here are the ins and outs on the strains featured in this month’s January Promotion

Take a peep at this lot! When you order with Choice Seedbank Between 18th January 9 am – 22nd January 3pm (UK time), and spend £40* you will get your mitts on these FREE cannabis seeds!

Here is a run-down on this month’s featured strains and a little bit about the companies who breed them.

1 FEM Barney’s Farm Tangerine Dream (Cup Winner)

Barneys Farm Seeds is unquestionably one of the best cannabis seed banks in Amsterdam, if not the world. Barneys owner, Derry, set about collecting seeds from landrace marijuana genetics whilst traveling around the world in the 1980s and upon returning to Amsterdam in 1992 he established Barneys Farm coffee shop. When he returned he brought with him cannabis seeds from the valuable genetics which he had collected during his travels. Barneys Farm Seeds choose phenotypes for the obvious THC content, taste and aroma and back crossed them. Some of the marijuana seeds that have made a name for them are Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream, Liberty Haze, Sweet Tooth and G13 Haze amongst others. In recent years they have also introduced some auto flowering seed strain.

Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream is an exceptional crossing of G13 with Neville’s A5 Haze. With an intense, tangy citrus aroma and flavour, this Sativa dominant has a cerebral and relaxing effect. Tangerine Dream offers the visceral sensations of tearing into fresh citrus: a spray of essential oils from the peel with its complex and pleasant bitterness; deep, pungent aromas fill the air, and then, the concentrated, tangy sweet flavour of fruit and juice on the tongue. The large, tight colas – unusually firm and substantial for an Indica dominant strain are flecked with orange and red hairs, and frosted with a shimmering layer of crystals.


 1 FEM Humboldt Seed Organization Black D.O.G

 Humboldt Seed Organization is a collective of growers and breeders working in the Humboldt area of California, producing high quality organic marijuana for dispensaries, collecting and testing seeds and clones of the best strains, researching into special medical strains, and breeding the best cannabis genetics California has to offer.

This high-grade cannabis seeds strain is a cross of Blackberry Kush x Emerald. The outcome is a beautiful lady with gorgeous colours and an immaculate aroma and unique stature. The Black DOG begins with a strong vegetative growth, assisted by an aggressive root system helping a rapid turn into the flowering cycle. The spacing between fan leaves and good light penetration results in dense development valued all the way to the bottom of the stem. Grown indoors, flowers are expected to appear quickly with some stretch, to around 30%. Black D.O.G cannabis seeds flower at the speed of light as just in 48 days! She is famed for spectacular purple hues, high resin counts, a high resistance to disease and breath-taking aromas. She can be harvested in the last week of September while during the first week of October she can reach over three meters tall when planted outdoors. The flavours are a combination of grape and berry overtones accompanied by strong gassy undertones inherited from Headband father. Expect Indica dominant effect that can be quite strong cerebrally, finishing with a strong couch locking body high.

1 FEM T.H.Seeds Auto Northern Hog

T.H.Seeds® was established in 1993, making it one of the oldest seed companies in Holland. T.H.Seeds® philosophy is to bring the best American cannabis seed genetics to Holland and Europe. Since its beginning T.H. Seeds has been on the cutting edge of the New School Cannabis Genetics. Born at a time when almost everything in Amsterdam was a mix of Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva in various proportions, T.H. Seeds® has worked long and hard to bring new stable varieties onto the market and have won many High Times Cannabis Cups over the years. Auto Northern Hog  is a huge producer created by crossing The Hog with Northern Light and with unknown Ruderalis. Auto Northern Hog likes warm climates and can be very productive under the right temperature. As this variety can grow up to 1.8m will need some special support and lots of water. Surprisingly mould resistant.


1 x FEM Dinafem Blue Cheese

The story on how Dinafem Seeds was created can easily be told. After accumulating years of experience growing cannabis in all its varieties and enjoying the most interesting cannabis strains of the moment as growers, it got to the point where people behind Dinafem had to experience and test. In 2002 Dinafem´s team gave the first steps, with a full year of technical research and the implementation of the operational side; crop areas, documentation and the study in depth of botanical cannabis aspects and the rest is history.

Dinafem Blue Cheese is a hybrid created using two plants that have a great reputation, the famous UK Cheese and Blueberry. This strain is an Indica with a powerful and relaxing effect with lots of resin, and a high indoor production of about 500 grams per square metre. It stretches a lot, so it is advisable not to let it grow over 40 cm in height when growing indoor, as easily triples his height at flowering. Blue Cheese has a unique aroma of berries, sweet, fruity, with a clear and persistent background of old Cheese. Plants with clearly Blueberry predominance will turn purple when it’s cold at night, but since outdoors it is harvested early, only in colder regions they will fully change their colour.

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Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES.


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