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Ho Ho Ho! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Attitude Seedbank!

It has been a brilliant year for us and we hope you have enjoyed all fantastic cannabis seed giveaways, competitions and promotions and free cannabis seeds we have offered to you guys throughout this year. It is just our little way of thanking you all for being such awesome customers.

As we are heading toward the end of the year, this will be the last monthly promotion of 2014 and we are in the mood for celebratin’! Maybe we are full of Christmas cheer (or something else!!!) but we have handpicked some of the most amazing strains from some great breeders for our Christmas Celebration, including a cannabis cup winner and 4 exclusive new strains. So because we know you have all been good boys and girls this year,  we will be giving away 8 free seeds in total.  It looks Like Santa Claus is coming to town!


The first strain on the list is from Elemental Seeds. Known for their True OG Strains, this new seed bank has arrived with a bang at the Attitude and they have proven themselves to be extremely popular and sought after – don’t be surprised to see these guys making the Attitude Top Ten in 2015.

2 x REG Elemental Seeds Mango Tango

Bred by crossing The True OG (five times Cannabis Cup winner) with Tangie x Peaches has produced an amazing, pungent strain with a long-lasting kush effect. Mango Tango is a real delicacy for any cannabis connoisseur.


Next up on the list is a brand new strain pre-release from the Amsterdam based connoisseurs, DNA Genetics. These guys have some of the best-selling strains to date with their OG Kush, Tangie, and Kosher Kush. These guys have won multiple cannabis cups over the years and are one of the most sought after and renknowned breeders we carry.

1 x FEM DNA Fuego

El Fuego


Next we have Humboldt Seed Organization’s new strain. HSO is a collective of breeders working in the Californian Humboldt area who produce high quality organic marijuana for dispensaries. They also research into special medical strains, and breed the best cannabis genetics California has to offer.

1 x FEM HSO 707 Truthband (new)

707 Truthband is a mostly Sativa cannabis strain created by crossing 707 Headband and The Truth (Maui x Super Skunk x Chem Dawg). 707 Truth Band is an open structure plant that grows tall with large colas.


Then we have a Cannabis Cup Winner from Hortilab Seeds. Working with only the best and carefully selected European and North American breeding stock, they breed genetics which stand out in flavour, potency and yield and without a doubt, deserve their multiple cannabis cup wins.

1 x FEM Hortilab Seeds Starbud (cup winner)

Hortilab Starbus

A beautiful, potent Indica strain with buds so rock hard and frosty, they sparkle like stars and a super strong potency that almost makes you see stars! This strain is a Cannabis Cup Winner, taking 1st place 3 times!


Next Up is a cannabis seed strain from Spanish breeders Dinafem. Dinafem Seeds is a company which is dedicated to achieving excellence in all aspects of its products and services. They were the first professional company in Spain dedicated to feminized Cannabis Seeds, demonstrating that the quality level of feminized seeds could be as good or even better than the “legendary Dutch” seed banks.

1 x FEM Dinafem Auto Blue Kush (new)

Resinous and strong, this autoflowering version of Blueberry has been crossed with OG Kush Autoflowering. The result is a delicious, big yielding autoflowering kush strain. Blue Kush Auto has an amazing flavour of fruits and gasoline and beautiful colours.


We then have a great strain from a breeder that we started stocking only this year – 710 Genetics. This UK based company describe themselves as a ‘boutique’ UK seed bank that supply unique strains from the United States and Europe.

1 x FEM 710 Genetics Fool’s Gold

The Fools Gold cannabis strain emits a strong, fruity, skunk smell with an incredible flavour. The sativa traits see Fool’s gold growing tall, but with an effect is Indica dominant. The flowers on this amazing plant produce a lot of resin with a strong effects.


And last but definitely not least, we have a brand new release from Blimburn Seeds. BlimBurn cannabis seeds are the result of several years of meticulous breeding and only producing one variety each year in line with their motto of ‘quality over quantity’. They have their own team of expert breeders and they do not produce marijuana seeds for others.

1 x FEM BlimBurn Seeds Grizzly Purple Kush (new)

This outstanding cannabis strain is a cross of Kosher, G13 and their best purple. This Indica dominant marijuana strain is a phenomenal plant that will deliver citric, bitter fruity flavour that is one of a kind.

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This amazing offer will be taking place 5th December 9am – 8th December 3pm. These times are UK Times (GMT). This promotion is one per customer only. All you have to do is spend Spend £40 to enjoy! Please note the qualifying price does not include postage and packaging. If you do not see this promotion automatically added to your basket please contact customer service before completing the checkout.

And if this wasn’t enough for you to fill your boots, there will be a whole bunch of other fantastic giveaways and offers available HERE

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so.

Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for any video’s that appears after “The Attitude Video’s” as this is due to the way “You Tube” works. All the video on You Tube are freely available to the general public. All videos are for entertainment value only and are for educational purposes only.



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I would love to see some TGA Subcool Genetics in your promotions wall in December. If you had a TGA promo up now you would already have my order. so please start one up soon.

I am right whit tim
i would like to see tga promotion for christmass

Sorry we will not have TGA Subcool Promo this Christmas but will try sort something out for the beginning of the year

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