Dinafem Original Amnesia

Dinafem Original Amnesia The Attitude Seed Bank

We welcome a new strain to The Attitude Cannabis Seed Bank; Dinafem brings forth the feminized Original Amnesia.

Amnesia has been a cherished strain amongst the coffee shops of Amsterdam for years now, also taking many cups and winning various other rewards. Original Amnesia is a very potent strain, which produces high levels of THC as well as a very sweet haze, more so than most hybrids. This strong, sweetness comes at a price though, Amnesia original has a warning from the breeder that it can cause temporary memory loss – not just a clever name then.

A strong, high yielding hybrid, which has some interesting side effects, a sure-fire winner for cafes in Amsterdam and will fit nicely into anyone’s collection. For updates on new strains, competitions or promotions like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

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