Dutch Passion Blue Velvet

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet

Some Dutch Passion fans may remember Blue Velvet from the 1990’s, she is a sister of the famous Blueberry,a respected member of the ‘blue’ family and a very strong variety which is noted for a velvet-smooth smoking experience with an uplifting and very pleasant euphoric high.

For the past few years Blue Velvet has been safely stored in Dutch Passion’s genebank.  They have had many requests to re-release her and a couple of years ago they decided it was time for Blue Velvet to make a comeback. Blue Velvet and Blueberry were varieties originally developed by a North American breeder called DJ Short.  In the 1990’s DJ Short and Dutch Passion worked together on the Blueberry family, the result of the collaboration was that Dutch Passion brought the ‘blue’ family over to Europe.  This included Blue Moonshine, Blueberry, Flo and Blue Velvet.  At the time it was a much needed injection of fresh genetics into the European breeding scene and it was well received by the growing community.

Blue Velvet is a 50/50 sativa/indica mix though it is the indica genetics which tend to express themselves somewhat more clearly than the sativa genetics in Blue Velvet’s growth pattern.  Blue Velvet was created by blending a Mexican Oaxacan Gold together with a special and carefully selected Chocolate Thai to form a ‘Purple Thai’ parent.  The Purple Thai was then crossed with a beautiful Afghani Indica specimen; the resulting offspring are Blue Velvet.  The re-introduction of Blue Velvet was done with original 1990’s seed from the work with DJ Short in order to create the original and authentic Blue Velvet.  Because of the Thai genetics, Blue Velvet is sometimes referred to as Blueberry Thai, though she is more normally called Blue Velvet.

From Dutch Passion

The blue colous are most pronounced when grown outdoors, the cool night-time temperatures help to bring out the colours in the buds and foliage.  But indoors she may also show her blue colours if grow-room conditions are on the cooler side.  Blue Velvet is a strong producer of resin which contributes to make a very strong, yet smooth, smoking experience.  Indoor growers should note that Blue Velvet often stays as a compact and short plant, sometimes just 50-60cm tall, often with a heavy main cola.  This makes her ideal for sea-of-green (‘SOG’) grows.  Outdoors in a good climate and with good soil she may reach 2-3m tall and is ready to harvest around the end of September or early October.  A well proportioned outdoor-grown Blue Velvet can yield very well and if her leaves start to develop rich autumn colours she can be a spectacular sight.

She produces a good tasting weed, with fruity and floral flavours. She also has a thick hashy taste which will remind growers of the Afghani heritage in Blue Velvet.  And of course the best thing about Blue Velvet is the acclaimed high.  Very stoned, very potent but notably relaxing and with a great upbeat sense of well-being and euphoria.  The high arrives fairly quickly and brings a smile to your face as it takes hold, gently numbing your senses and massaging your soul.  It is a velvet-smooth toking experience which is where the name came from.  The buds are sticky with resin and are produced in good quantity, break them open and you may see layers of violet and occasionally crimson colouring in them.  When grown well this is a quite beautiful variety with a striking appearance, although it should be said that this is a variety grown primarily for the connoisseur-quality pot it produces – the physical beauty of this variety is an added bonus for the grower.

We are very excited to announce that Blue Velvet is back.  It has taken a couple of years but we are pleased with the result and hope you will be too.

Blue Velvet comes with our highest recommendations, we hope you enjoy her! Source


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