Free Elemental Seeds – UFO Offer

Unbelievable Free Offer with Elemental Seeds


Elemental Seeds have carried out an attempted invasion of  planet Attitude but we have fought back and have captured some exclusive, pre-release cannabis seeds which we will dish out to you guys for FREE as UFO’s! This ‘Unbelievable Free Offer’ is exclusive to the Attitude Seedbank and the seeds are not available for sale anywhere at the moment.

Elemental Seeds have been breeding cannabis seeds for several years for some of the most renowned seed companies on earth and have now decided to gift the world with their own superior genetics. The Attitude Seedbank is extremely proud to be the first online cannabis seeds shop to stock these genetics. Although they have a whole line of fantastic genetics, one strain that they are particularly known for is their multiple cannabis cup winner and one of The Top 10 strains of the year 2014 by High Times - True OG.

Getting your hands on these amazing strains couldn’t be easier – it works just like our normal UFO system – there is no minimum qualifying price to get UFO #1 and each time you spend another £30, you will qualify for another one – the maximum for one order being all 5 UFO’s when you spend £120 (not including postage)

These free cannabis seeds are:

UFO #1 – Trueberry (The True OG x (Strawberry Banana x BlackBerry) ) which is coated in trichomes and has a very potent combination of cerebral and physical kush effect.

UFO #2 – 5th Element (BlackBerry x All Spark OG)  Crossed with a Cannabis Cup Winner, this variety has a super strong smell and OG flavour and strong cerebral effect.

UFO #3 – Gummy Bear (Trueberry x Big Lemon) Crossing the Trueberry with the Big Lemon Elemental Seeds has produced a sticky and gooey “Gummy Bears” kind of strain.

UFO #4 – Chaos Kush (TruBerry crossed with Abba Zabba) One of the most notable things about this tall & chunky plant is its lemon OG flavour.

UFO #5 – Honey Bananas (Honey Boo x Strawberry Bananas) these have a sweet bananas aroma and flavour – simply delicious! Effect is strong and powerful.


Please Note: The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Seeds sold by The Attitude may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. All content here is for informational purposes only and for no other use.
Please Note: We cannot be held responsible for any video’s that appears after “The Attitude Video’s” as this is due to the way “You Tube” works. All the video on You Tube are freely available to the general public. All videos are for entertainment value only and are for educational purposes only.

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do you ship to the states ,,ky ,,looking for a new source ,,of quality seeds and products ,,my address is jeff maynard 4113 mound street ashland ky 41101,,can i get a catalog ,,and some cupons ,,thanks for your time ,,,

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