Exotic Seed Promotion!



Hello, we know it is just May and we just finished one promo, but we decided to be the summer sun in your life again and bright up your days with our smashing promo! This time we offer nothing less than Exotic Seeds. Yeah, you are reading it right. They are available to buy securely online on our website or over the phone and like it would not be enough – now they are going to be added for FREE to every single order over £40. Those two feminized beauties are going to be additional freebies on a top of our standard UFO’s. Just in case you would not hear about them before, let me briefly introduce them to you.


Exotic Seed Feminized Sir Jack is a Sativa dominant variety created by crossing Jack Herer S1 with itself. Resulted strain is a robust plant with raised amount of resin what makes it perfect for making the extractions. This hybrid of a multiple awards winner produces a strong cerebral effect.




Exotics Seed Feminized Gypsy Widow is a mostly Indica hybrid created by crossing White Widow pheno A with pheno B. Due to the balanced blending the resulted variety is fast flowering, dense and filled with resin. Its effect it heavily affecting body and mind.


The only thing you need to worry about is the stock – the promotion will last until the last seeds. Do not hesitate and do not let anyone to get them before you. Enjoy the shopping with the best online store – The Attitude Seedbank and shop with us for the widest collection of medical marijuana seeds souvenirs. See you at the checkout. :)

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