G13 Labs

G13 Labs have released 4 new cannabis seeds strains,

Killer Bud

Killer Bud is the strongest strain G13 Labs have ever produced, with its THC levels reaching 21%, if you’re looking for a killer long lasting trip then this strain is unmissable. G13 Labs Killer Bud has a high that is a speedy rush that sends your mind racing as well as a strong upbeat physical effect. Her taste and smell is a fantastic mixture of a dense woodland pine smell with hints of a sweet incense aroma.

The unreal super potent G13 Labs Killer Bud

The unreal super potent G13 Labs Killer Bud

This strain is not to be taken lightly a true killer in every sense.

Royal Kush

Royal Kush is a strong hard wearing strain which is a cross of an indica Afghani and a potent Skunk#1. The leaves grow wide and long which enable her to absorb as much light as possible. She has a reasonably fast flowering time with a coating of eye-popping white and orange hairs. A sweet skunk smell is present with a hint of citrus orange and possibly strawberry.

G13 Labs Royal Kush

G13 Labs Royal Kush

A strong mental high is present with a tendency to lean towards a physical effect that can make your body feel pleasantly heavy.

Hash Plant

G13 Labs Hash Plant is a pure indica variety which grows to a medium height, but fairly wide and bushy. The leaves are of a wide look with a deep dark shade of green. She is a fast flowering variety with great resin production. The smell is not intense but has a sweet spicy hash like odour.

G13 Labs go old school with Hash Plant

G13 Labs go old school with Hash Plant

Hash Plant cannabis seeds are great for medical patients due to the high being of a tranquil and sedative quality, a calming effect rather than a strong psychoactive feeling.

Hash Plant is an overall old school chill out strain!

Midnight Kush

G13 Labs Midnight Kush is a mainly indica strain with an extremely psychedelic effect. This strain has the potential to grow large if given the space, she produces almighty rock hard resinous buds. She has a tendency to go a fantastic midnight purple colour in cold conditions. Due to one of the parents being an outdoor variety of Blueberry, Midnight Kush has a great resistance to mould.

Dark and intense with Midnight Kush

Dark and intense with Midnight Kush

The overall smell of this strain is of mouth watering fresh sweet fruits.

All these strains are available from the Attitude Cannabis Seeds Bank and priced at £29.99

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can i have the seeds….

the midnight kush is outstanding….its a keeper u will not be sorry with this plant!i been messin with it for bout a year now and i have it diled in..love it

they all sound great but midnight kush is a definite must buy….

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