Gage Green Genetics D Cure and Apsirare

We are happy to announce that we are going to have 2 new cannabis strains from Gage Green Genetics this Friday – Aspirare and D Cure



Gage Green D Cure and Aspirare

Gage Green D Cure and Aspirare



Gage Green Seeds Aspirare

Elevate your thoughts with a mind full of our library’s finest OG flavours. Feel the gaseous terpenes expand and enter our very core. Aspirare means to breathe in Latin. Take a moment to expand your lungs and be filled with healing energies.
The selection from these two powerhouse parents cannot be beat. Discover the medicinal potential from these spirit elevating parents. Loved for the ability to lift one’s mood and ease one’s pain, the Aspirare will fulfil our aspirations for harmony on earth.

Genetic Facts:
- Medium yields
- Creative, Uplifting
- 7-9 weeks
- King Louis XIII x Joseph OG

Gage Green Seeds D Cure

Refuel your arsenal with this powerful new medicine prescribed by Mother Nature. The fine blends of concentrated cannabinoids will take the meaning of healing to a whole new level.
The D Cure is the cure for any stress that life brings. With D Cure, no stress is the normal state of mind. The herb allows us to relax every physical and emotional tension and allows the mind to be free. We love the grape flavours mixed with the kush fuel flavours.
Decorate your bowls with D Cure crystal flowers and release the good energies contained in every resin head. Let the spirits escape and capture your every sense with its healing vibes.

Genetic Facts:
- Medium yields
- Medicinal, relaxation
- 8-9 weeks
- Chemdawg D x Grape Stomper BX2


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