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Hazeman Seeds Promotion The Attitude Seed Bank

Promo Update: The Hazeman seeds promotion has ended, keep your eyes peeled for a new one coming soon.

Buy any pack of Hazeman seeds and get 1 pack of Hazeman Seeds White Grapes (10 seeds) for free.

We stock 8 different medicinal strains from Hazeman including; the Escaped strain which is especially good for appetite, controlling spasms and relieving pain and Madness, which makes for an earthy/hashy smoke and is great for arthritis, fibromyalgia and other muscle related problems. In addition to the separate strains, Hazeman also offer their Mystery Girl pack, which has 15 seeds from their collection.

Like all our promotions here at The Attitude, this one runs while stocks last – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Everything i have grown of Hazeman seeds was amazing ! keep put the good work

i meant keep up the great work

Hazeman carries fire dank and man the grape stomper is in my top 3 plus the aww I gotta get these. fruity sour grapes !!!

Hazeman has been around the canna scene for a lot longer than most folks realize and has been one of the cornerstones of the Breeding community for years. His work with G13 is still amongst the best in the industry after all these years – and that includes Neville’s work.

With all his releases, the quality is very high: uniform phenotype; great vigor; and always resinous and dank. Considering the prices Hazeman offers his hard work to the community, you just can’t beat the bang for the buck either.

Keep the peddle to the metal, Hazeman!

Great job!

I have been a tester for hazeman for a year now and all the strains I have grown are very vigorous and the finished product is top shelf. You can’t go wrong with his strains

HazeMan’s Gear Is Top Notch!!

The Quality of his Genetics is only surpassed by his level of Compassion for the community! Truely one of the Greats!

HazeMan’s Gear Is Top Notch!!

The Quality of his Genetics is only surpassed by his level of Compassion ! Truely one of the Greats!

Keep on Rollin Hazeman Seeds!

Was fortunate enough to test the “Breakout” cross for hazeman, and found some great Indica Meds. Really beneficial to our patients, with a good flavor typically leaning towards the fruity RMH side….

Im sure all crosses will have their own great traits, and a pack of White Grapes wowzers, this is a can’t miss deal!

Good luck to everyone lucky enough to get these seeds…

So what happened to the promotion.

Are the White Grape freebies gone? I was about to order some Hazeman Kush but the White Grape seeds didn’t show up in my cart. I’ve wanted White Grape in seed form for awhile.

Top Notch Breeder For Sure :)

Hazeman does an amazing job with his breeding. So far iv ran 5 different strains of his and had 100% Germinating rate. I love the strains hes working with, they are very medicinal. Definitely a top notch breeder for a great price. ~SMF~

The promotion has ended already, looks like it was a popular one. We’ve got a new one coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

The Fugu Kush is really tight too.

I suffer a lot of constant pain and sometimes even more pain; Hazemans med seeds have really payed off for me.

Everything popped in a couple days in ProMix.
Someone mentioned how uniform his strains are – it’s true man.

If you are reading these reviews trying to decide if you should try Hazeman Seeds; trust me you’ll be very happy:-)

Promotion has maybe ended but Hazeman seeds are top notch.
Looks like he knows his meds very well.
Cant wait to try more of them



All of Hazeman’s strains are top notch high quality gear, but his Fugu Kush has miraculous medicinal effects for me. :)

Thank you for your work and kindness Hazey.

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