Holy Smoke Seeds Strawberry Diesel


Holy Smoke Seeds Strawberry Diesel

Finally we have new stock of the famous “Strawberry Diesel” from Holy Smoke Seeds .This strain has a huge following and keeps racking up monumental reviews, Already awarded best “Wake n Bake” strain of 2012 and receiving 10/10 from numerous medical reviewers ! be sure to get your hands on these precious gems as they are selling fast …

Holy Smoke Strawberry Diesel is an exceptionally tasty gem!! It literally drips with flavor and huge medicinal trichromes. With crystals appearing from week two, expect rock solid nuggets, as hybrid vigour ensures huge strong plants with a sturdy indica heritage resulting in a stone whose medicinal properties are vast and as beautiful to look at as it is to smoke. These ladies’ taste ranges from fresh tangerines right down to the sweet berry end as the NYC diesel interacts with the strawberry cough producing a really lush flavored and potent stone.

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