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Kaliman seeds 50% off Attitude Seed Bank

Celebrations are a wonderful thing, especially when they come from Kaliman Seeds. To shout about their 3rd prize Pro Cup Trophy at the 11th Canarias Cannabis Cup last July they’re slashing the price of Kaliman Seeds. For a limited time only all Kaliman Seeds are 50% off!

So “all seeds” means you get the Kaliman Seeds Cheese #1 – the indistinguishable 1989 UK Exodus Cheese clone – for an unbelievable £32.49! Or Kaliman Seeds Rockser’s Cheese, the cross of the 1989 UK Exodus Cheese with Skunk#1 for only £26!

Head over to the Seed Bank now and pick up your half price Kaliman seeds before they’re all gone!

Please Note: The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. Seeds sold by The Attitude may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES. We cannot be held responsible for any video’s that appears after “The Attitude Video’s” as this is due to the way “YouTube” works. All the video content on YouTube is freely available to the general public. All videos are for entertainment value only and are for educational purposes only.

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I have always been very interested in the uk legend CHEESE strain. The problem is Im not in the UK so acquiring a clone only strain like CHEESE is near impossible. Of course I could select any number of CHEESE strain in seed form but that creates it own issues . Often what will happen is the clone only strain gets feminized. Well that means the evolution of the strain literally STOPS dead once its feminized. No chance of improvement or out crossing with fem seeds..

So cheese has its own unique factors which keep its from the rest of the world in its pure exodus state..

Well that was the case until ROCKSTER from KALIMAN SEEDS noticed a very rare occurrence that is know as spontaneous sex reversal. Basically a female clone only strain had a freak mutation and didnt produce male pollen and female pistils as that would be hermaphrodite. What Rockster noticed with his keen eye was different. This was a plant that turned 100% male.. no male pistils….

wow this was something that would have been over looked or dismissed by almost everyone else.. But KAILMAN SEEDS knew that this strange situation meant the real EXODUS CHEESE CUT could be brought to the world in a regular seed form. SO no mystery male pollen or chemicals , just mother nature created this cheese clone to turn into a male..

So Thanks to KALIMAN SEEDS ingenuity and professionalism we all are able to grow this most amazing elite plant.

I cant remember anyone ever being able to identify and isolate a try female to male sex reversal and then create viable seeds from the later breeding back crosses..

I guess that level of skill in special circumstances is what separates the hobby breeders from the professionals. Same goes for growers…its not what happens that matters it know what to expect and knowing what to do in the face of problems. Well Rockster has over 2 decades of passionate growing under his belt and it shows.. His breeding has final took center stage and is being recognized across the world in breeder and grower cups in the last year… and KALIMAN has the trophies to show all there hard work.. pretty impressive for a new company…

I am so exited to watch my KALIMAN CHEESE#1 grow into the legend it was spawn from… I have gotten a 100% germ rate and also see some great vigor in this cheese#1 strain.

so no matter what country your in, you can now have the REAL EXODUS CHEESE that is unmolested and not feminized…. the only way natural science would ever have it…

Please give KAILMAN SEEDS as much attention as you can if you want to be the owner of the real cheese….

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