Karma Genetics Are Now At The Attitude Seed Bank

The Attitude Seed Bank is pleased to announce the arrival of Karma Genetics. Karma Genetics won the 3rd place Indica Cup with their White OG at the 2010 Cannabis Cup so these Cannabis Cup winners have great credentials and are bred from great genetics such as Jack Herer, Sage and Cheese.

At present this Dutch Company’s catalogue comprises of 13 regular strains and they are in the process of releasing more strains which we will stock as and when they are released. We hope to have these in stock  before the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in November. The strains that are on their way to us are Hells Angels OG Kush BX2, Ghostrider OG, Sour Angel, Hellfire OG and of course, the Cup Winner White OG. Check out what we have in stock at the Attitude Seed Bank.


Dominator                                      Jack O Nesia                                          Happy Kush

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