What are Landrace Genetics?

Landrace Genetics  

  1. 1. botany  an ancient or primitive cultivated variety of a crop plan
  2. 2. A local cultivar or animal breed that has been improved by traditional agricultural methods

Like much of today’s world – variety plays a big part in how we live. There seems to be so much choice in everything we buy, where we holiday and even what type of house we live. This also choice also extends to which cannabis seeds there are available on the market. You could spend hours, even days choosing the exact seed strain perfect for your needs. You could choose regular, feminised, autoflowering, auto flower fem, auto regular…The list is endless. The want for these new strains has led many of today’s breeders to cross, back-cross, reverse cross  etc. And reason this market is so huge and flooded with so many strains is due to the fact that so many people do want this choice but in recent years there has been more and more interest in Landrace Genetics (Also known as Heirloom Strains).

World Of Seeds Afghan Kush Landrace Strain

You may have heard people referring to these strains and genetics as ‘Old Skool’, and ‘Strains from the seventies’, and ‘original strains’.  So what exactly are these Landrace Genetic Strains?

Well as we know, cannabis has been around since the dawn of time and has been a part of our human life for thousands of years. It has been grown for medicinal use, for use in our daily lives (hemp seeds for human consumption, rope making, clothing etc;) as well as religious use and there is a widely-spread belief that the earliest cannabis plants were cultivated in the mountainous Hindu Kush region in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These were named Landrace Strains. The Hindu Kush range was not the only place to have these primitive strains – Hawaii, Jamaica, Asia, Africa and South America had their own landraces and there are even some lesser known Russian landrace strains.

The collection of these strains is said to have stemmed from European Hippies (and wayfarers &  adventurers) travelling to Asia, India, Nepal and South America in the 1970’s. This journey was dubbed the ‘Hippie Trail’ and the travellers spent a lot of time with the local people, which is where these cannabis seed genetics may have been discovered.

The Cannabis Cup Winning Landrace Strain – Greenhouse Hawaiian Snow

These landrace strains have been generally named after the country were sought from and sadly, although a lot of the pure landrace genetics are not readily available these days, a lot of today’s breeders do incorporate these into strains that they have bred. World Of Seeds have a whole selcetion dedicated to these original strains. Examples of the Pure Landrace Strains (Afghan Kush – originating in Afghanistan, Columbian Gold – Columbia, Durban Poison – South Africa, Kilimanjaro -  Kenya, Pakistan Ryder – Pakistan, Burmese Kush – Burma (Myanmar), Lambo – Jamaica, Hawaiian Snow – Hawaii, Panama Red – Panama) and their Hybrids (Strainhunters Afgooey – Afghan x Maui Haze, Reeferman Apple Pie – Acapulo Gold x Highland Nepalese, TH Seeds Puna Buddha – Hawaii x Afghanistan) can be found on the Attitude Seedbank website.

Infact, some very reputable breeders have such passion for these genetics, they have launched a new Seedbank. Arjan, Franco and Simon from Greenhouse Seeds have collected, bred and made available for the public to collect and preserve too, a collection of sought after genetics under the name Strain Hunters Seeds.

“Many previously unknown cannabinoid profiles are contained in cannabis landraces originating from areas where there is no possibility of scientific research. One day these plants could be helpful in developing better medications for the sick and the suffering. We feel it is our duty to preserve as many cannabis landraces in our genetic database, and by breeding them into other well-studied medicinal strains for the sole purpose of scientific research.” ~  Strain Hunters

 The Attitude Seedbank stocks a large range of both of these pure landrace strains and hybrids that are available for sale on our website. Amongst these are some amazing Cannabis Cup Winning strains and Medical Marijuana Strains.


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