MANDALA SEEDS | KRYSTALIA (HIGH TIMES STRAIN OF THE YEAR 2011) is now available to purchase today from the Attitude Seedbank

Description courtesy of Mandala Seeds

Welcome to the new edition of Krystalica for 2012! This new stock has only minimal variation to the previous edition which was voted “Strain of the Year” 2011 by High Times. The major change is that we used an almost identical “sister” of the previous mother plant for breeding. This has resulted in the appearance of a delicious strawberry aroma in some of the plants, which enhances the already fruity properties of Krystalica!

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The article posting for presenting the ideas about the mandala seeds bank for the different types of seeds. This banks can be providing to the users for more helping and becoming them expert in purchasing and growing the seeds……

I thiink the seed bank is the best thing that’s happened since the cellphone.It’s great to be able to get top notch meds.without the worry of getting seeds that don’t grow.The place to order a small bush from heaven.

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The Buzzard

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